Snoop Dogg’s ‘Sleepy Joe OG’ Cannabis Post Gets Political: ‘Don’t Ride a Bike After You Hit This

Public perception of President Joe Biden’s mental condition is so bad, even the stoners are calling him dazed and confused. A rapper with a reputation for staying super high shared a post on Instagram this week that mocked Biden’s chronic befuddlement. Snoop Dogg, the popular hip-hop performer and media personality, has built a public image around promoting marijuana use. It’s significant that the entertainer, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., used his social media platform to present a spoof Biden brand of disorienting cannabis. The post shows a package labeled “Sleepy Joe OG,” with an unflattering image of the president. Beneath flags of Ukraine, China and Russia is the promotional line: “You won’t even remember what country you are in!” Near the bottom of the package are the words “Where Am I???”
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Whoever made the meme knew something about Biden’s shady Ukrainian, Chinese and Russian entanglements. The term “OG’ is defined as “original gangster,” a slang term that can be a sign of respect, or an acknowledgment of longevity. “OG” can mean tough, exciting, and independent, or just old. Pairing “OG” with “Sleepy Joe,” one of Donald Trump’s nicknames for Biden, suggests it wasn’t meant as a tribute. For an establishment celebrity like Snoop Dogg — with a well-earned reputation for drug use — to openly belittle Biden is a significant indicator of where public sentiment truly is about Biden’s disastrous installation in the White House. That shouldn’t be encouraging for Democrats. The Daily Wire collected some highlights from the comments, showing others joining in the ridicule. Naturally, it went political: “People had some fun with the post. ‘Do I hit it and get my vote back?’ one person wrote. ‘Snoop hook me up I need whatever joe smokin,’ another wrote. ‘Don’t ride a bike after u hit this,’ wrote a third.” The third was a reference, obviously, to Biden’s embarrassing fall from a stopped bike last month in Delaware. The contempt and discontent shown in the irreverent joking are mirrored by Biden’s cratering poll numbers, even among Democrats. A stunning 64 percent of Democrats want another candidate to run for president in 2024. When confronted with the facts about his failures, even with his own party, all Biden can do is lash out and use misdirection, as in his angry, on-camera exchange Tuesday with a reporter about poor polling. Biden had to mispresent the findings to make himself look better. Biden’s anger and belligerent statements aren’t intimidating. They look like more symptoms of an elderly man not in control of himself or his information. Scathing Biden memes have become a family affair. Mega-billionaire Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk may not buy Twitter, but he owned the social media platform this week when he posted a druggy Hunter Biden joke.   Tying the Bidens to drug references is easy symbolism. The First Family and narcotics share many traits, such as being toxic, criminal, and dangerous. The whole country will need rehab to clean up after the establishment’s Biden addiction. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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