‘SNL’ Alum Unleashes on ‘Disgusting’ Bernie Sanders, ‘Moron’ AOC

‘SNL’ Alum Unleashes on ‘Disgusting’ Bernie Sanders, ‘Moron’ AOC

Well, you can’t accuse former “Saturday Night Live” alum Jon Lovitz of mincing his words.

In an interview with Fox News, Lovitz excoriated prominent leftist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and said several members of the so-called “squad” of progressive members in the House of Representatives had engaged in outright anti-Semitism.

Lovitz, who is Jewish himself, called Sanders “disgusting” and a “self-loathing Jew” and mocked his self-identification as a Democratic Socialist.

“That’s like asking me, ‘Are you Christian?’ ‘No, no, I’m a Jew for Jesus.’ Well, that’s what it is,” Lovitz said in the interview, published Wednesday.

“You know the difference between a communist and a Democratic Socialist?” Lovitz added.

“A Democratic Socialist is somebody you vote for, and then they take all your money and give back what they think you need. A communist — they just appoint themselves. There’s no election and they do the exact same thing. That’s the only difference.”

He also had a good laugh over the fact that the soi-disant “Democratic Socialist” also owned three houses in spite of his modest salary (for someone with three properties, anyway), $174,000 a year.

“‘That’s normal.’ No, it isn’t. Not on that salary,” Lovitz said, impersonating Sanders.

“All my friends that are Jewish, like, they go, Bernie Sanders, self-loathing Jew. You know, what’s wrong with this guy? And that’s what that is. ‘Oh, that’s not true.’ Yeah, it is. Yeah, you are. ‘I don’t like it when people make money. It’s not right. They should only make so much. And then it’s enough.’

“Well, you have three homes. You should just have one. ‘That’s none of your business,'” Lovitz continued.

As for “the ‘squad,’ those people … It’s no secret they’re horribly anti-Semitic,” Lovitz said.

“They go, ‘Let’s give all that money away from Israel, give it to Hamas.’ That’s what they would say. That’s what they want,” Lovitz said.

“What’s that, [Rep.] Ilhan Omar? She wants to [not] give money to Israel for military aid. They’re our ally! They’re a democracy!” he continued.

“You’re against giving money to a democratic ally, correct? You’re against that. But we’re giving money to Ukraine.”

Along with Rep. Omar of Minnesota, he also focused his ire on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who he called a “moron.”

“You know [what] AOC said?” Lovitz began.  “She goes, ‘You know, 29, a lot of people my generation because of climate change are asking themselves, you know, should they have children? And I think it’s a good question. And I think, you know, maybe they shouldn’t.’

“Oh. OK. So you’re telling all the people of your generation don’t have kids. Then in 50 years, there’s nobody left on the Earth, moron,” Lovitz pointed out.

“This is what you’re dealing with! Don’t have kids. OK. There’ll be no one left to breathe your clean air. It’s moronic!”

And then there was his antipathy toward Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who was the target of censure resolutions in the House after a series of remarks that did not condemn Hamas and were interpreted by many as anti-Jewish.

Fox News also reported that one of the private Facebook groups she was a member of was blatantly pro-Hamas in its messaging.

“‘Free Palestine. I’m not anti-Semitic,’ but that means you want to get rid of Israel. She’s in her office — in her office, there’s pictures of it. She’s got a map and a Post-it over Israel, it says ‘Palestine.’ I mean, she’s Palestinian. I get it,” Lovitz said.

However, “she’s spreading lies,” he added.

“She said that Israel bombed the hospital and killed 500 people,” Lovitz said, referring to the Palestinian-fired rocket that hit Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

“And then after they proved that Israel did not fire the bomb and the United States proved it and the bomb hit the parking lot, not the hospital, and the bomb was fired by jihad terrorists, and they have video of it where it’s coming from, not from Israel, from Gaza and turning around and hitting the parking lot,” he continued, noting that Tlaib has “never taken the tweet down or said I made a mistake. So how can you listen to anything she says?”

This statement, of course, could be echoed about a lot of the radical left’s response to the atrocities of Oct. 7 — so much so that it’s causing schisms in the Democratic Party.

But then, the party has coddled anti-Semites like Omar and Tlaib for too long now. While Tlaib has been the most nakedly anti-Semitic member of the “squad” during the current Israel-Hamas war, Omar has historically been the one peddling clear anti-Semitic tropes in the past and getting virtually no pushback from her party. After one such incident, Sanders came to her defense, saying that “it is not anti-Semitic to be critical of a right-wing government in Israel.”

What, pray tell, did the party think would happen when it indulged all this nonsense? Because this was the eventual result — and now the average American voter, liberal or conservative, has every reason to be furious over the party’s accommodationist view of progressive bigots.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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