Smoke Blots Out the Sun as Aggressive Fire Consumes World’s Largest Food Market

On Sunday, the smoke from a fire that broke out in Paris literally blotted out the sun. According to the Associated Press, the fire took place at a warehouse in a produce market wherein many such warehouses are packed full of different kinds of food. Over 12,000 people work in the market. Pictures and videos of the fire on social media show the massive column of smoke it has produced. In one such video, the tower of smoke is even blotting out the sun for those behind it. According to the Associated Press, emergency responders have warned people in the area to stay far away from the fire. As many as 100 officers and 30 fire engines are being utilized to battle the fire. A representative from the Paris fire service maintains that no one was injured and that responders have been able to keep the fire under control, the Associated Press reported. The cause of the blaze is as of yet unknown. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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