Sisters Shot Dead the Day After Thanksgiving, Suspected Illegal Immigrant Being Charged for the Heinous Killings

Sisters Shot Dead the Day After Thanksgiving, Suspected Illegal Immigrant Being Charged for the Heinous Killings

A man suspected of being an illegal immigrant stands accused of murdering two sisters and shooting his daughter in a crime that has rocked the Dallas, Texas, area.

According to the Dallas Morning News, 50-year-old Jose Santiago Chairez was booked into the Dallas County jail on charges related to the shooting spree in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, Texas.

Police say they had found the bodies of 47-year-old Catalina Valdez Andrade and 43-year-old Merced Andrade Bailon after responding to a 4:20 a.m. Nov. 24 call.

Both women had been shot in the head.

Chairez’s daughter, meanwhile, was also found at the scene, wounded in the arm.

According the police report, she told police her father was responsible for the crime. He was arrested later on the same day.

“It unclear how Chairez and his daughter knew the sisters and police have not released a possible motive in the deadly shooting. Some details were redacted from the report,” the Morning News reported.

What is known, however, is that this might not be Chairez’s first legal violation, although it’s by far his most serious; KDFW-TV reported that police believe the 50-year-old had likely been in the country illegally.

While he has a $2 million bond on charges of capital murder of multiple persons regarding the murder of the two sisters and an aggravated assault causing bodily injury to a family member, he won’t be released even if he somehow can come up with the money, given that jail records show that there’s an immigration hold on him.

An immigration hold doesn’t mean that someone is definitely in the country illegally or that they entered that way, but KDFW noted that authorities believe his presence in the United States wasn’t legal.

Thus, we have no motive as to why he killed the two sisters or shot his daughter. But, we do know that, at the very least, he is quite likely a man already prone to lawbreaking.

Those who say that illegal immigration doesn’t beget crime conveniently forget the basic etymology of the two-word term “illegal immigrant” — one who has broken the law to be in the United States (or another nation).

Some of them have come up with pleasant euphemisms to elide over this fact. “Undocumented migrant” is a favorite one. “Irregular immigration” is a politically correct genteelism of a more recent provenance, but accomplishes the same purpose: taking the “illegal” out of “illegal immigration.”

Perhaps crossing our borders illegally or overstaying a visa is the only crime an illegal immigrant commits. There’s certainly plenty of those, to be perfectly fair.

That makes illegal immigration no more legal, however — and to say that there’s no difference between an individual who demonstrates a willingness to break the the law and one who doesn’t is pure foolishness.

We don’t know for sure that Chairez was here illegally, but an immigration hold is a pretty good sign he was.

It is now, quite tragically, the least of his legal worries. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty — but if he is the culprit, one wonders how many Jose Santiago Chairezes are being let in by President Joe Biden’s administration and its de facto open borders policy.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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