Single-Day Illegal Immigrant Record Shattered as Biden’s Border Crisis Gets Even Worse: Report

Single-Day Illegal Immigrant Record Shattered as Biden’s Border Crisis Gets Even Worse: Report

It may be time for Americans to consider packing their bags and moving to the very countries all of the illegal immigrants crossing our southern border are leaving. They will surely be empty before long and much cheaper to live in. Plus, the United States will barely be recognizable soon.

I say this in jest. But also to highlight how unsustainable the invasion at our border has become. National correspondent for Fox News, Bill Melugin, just commented on X that “Per CBP sources, there were more than 12,600 migrants encountered at the southern border in the last 24 hours, the highest single day total ever recorded.”

He adds that this number fails to account for the thousands more that still need to be processed in Eagle Pass, Texas. His assessment is confirmed in another X post shared by Jorge Ventura Media, which notes that 3,000 more are standing in line as they wait to be processed.

Might we remember that the American people are funding this atrocity by way of a government that refuses to stop it? How do we claim asylum from this lunacy as our representatives, on both sides, have run amuck. They aren’t doing their jobs.

For President Joe Biden, the continuation of the flow spans well beyond an impeachable offense. It seems as intentional as the very cell phones, gift cards and plane tickets our government gives these criminals as they cross the border. Let’s not forget that they are breaking the law by illegally entering the United States.

Anyone who dares believe we can continue to allow thousands of migrants into our country without the United States eventually buckling shouldn’t be running the country. Someone take the keys away, please.

According to the House Homeland Security Committee interim staff report as shared by The New York Post, “Americans could pay up to $451 billion to care for migrants who entered the US illegally, but have been released into the country or escaped from custody.” It furthers that a small fraction of the cost is ever recouped by these illegals.

The American people are fed up with this lawlessness. Even if illegal immigration ended today, it would take time to get ahead of this disaster. But it isn’t going to end. Evidence shows it is just increasing daily. Americans can’t afford it and don’t want it.

We can only hope that it costs the Democrats the election in 2024. In the meantime, state officials like Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott are forced to deal with the federal government’s deliberate inaction, lest he no longer has a state left to run. Earlier in the week, Abbott signed the SB4 bill, “making Texas the first state in the union to give law enforcement officers the authority to arrest migrants who illegally enter the state,” according to Breitbart.

Republican presidential primary candidate and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has committed to sending these illegal immigrants back. During a recent campaign event, he pointed out the terror our government has invited onto its people by not closing the border.

Former President Donald Trump agrees and has vowed to detain illegal immigrants in large detention camps until they can be deported back to their own countries. In response to Trump’s commitment to Americans, “The Biden-Harris campaign issued a statement slamming the supposed immigration plans, calling them ‘extreme, racist, cruel policies’ that are ‘meant to stoke fear and divide us, betting a scared nation is how he wins this election,’” according to The New York Post.

The spin is no longer working. In a recent Monmouth University poll, “61 percent of respondents gave Biden a thumbs down,” according to Fox News. It furthers that Biden has hit an all-time low in three years, his lowest marks arising from his mishandling of immigration at 26 percent and inflation at 28 percent.

In other words, Biden may believe that the border crisis is a ruse. The rest of the nation sees it differently. We need to put an end to this invasion before it puts an end to the United States.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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