Sign of the Times: Research Website Ranks ‘Best Doomsday Vehicles for Escaping the Apocalypse’

Sign of the Times: Research Website Ranks ‘Best Doomsday Vehicles for Escaping the Apocalypse’

A research website recently published a list of the top vehicles for “escaping the apocalypse.”

By gathering opinions from different articles and websites on bug-out vehicles, StudyFinds determined the best options for surviving any upcoming tribulation.

“Owning a doomsday vehicle is the ultimate show of preparedness for intelligent minds,” an author at StudyFinds wrote.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate, dinosaur bone-burning survival car, read on.

1. Jeep Wrangler

Jeeps are iconic in the prepper community, StudyFinds wrote, quoting Forbes. They are designed to take abuse from the road and can be easy to repair because their universal parts are easier to find.

In an apocalyptic scenario, “it becomes crucial most of the time to go off-track for your safety,” according to the armored vehicle company Armormax. A bug-out vehicle should also have plenty of space to carry survival gear.

The Wrangler checks both boxes.

Along with the Jeep’s robust off-roading design, it comes with plenty of safety features: a tire-fill alert system, a forward-facing camera and run-flat tires, which allow you to drive farther with punctured tires.

“The Wranglers are the highest and most commonly lifted vehicles you can get for under 200 Benjamins,” according to HotCars. “The height advantage means you can crawl over bad roads or leave the streets altogether while Hyundais are left to the flames or aliens.”

2. H2 Hummer

Next on deck, StudyFinds recommends a used Hummer H2, though it hasn’t been in production since 2009.

“The H2 undeniably has poor fuel mileage, and parking it can be rather difficult in tight conditions. But it’s a tank of a vehicle that can barge through practically anything, with lots of storage space. Off-road capabilities are also uniformly excellent,” according to Urban Survival Site.

The 393 horsepower H2 is built with a V8 engine and has a nine-speed automatic, making it adept at crawling even the steepest hills, according to HotCars.

It may not be as reliable as a Jeep, but because General Motors produces Hummers, similar parts can be found in Tahoes (also produced by GM) should a driver need to replace them, HotCars wrote.

And although the smaller windows restrict the driver’s view, this could be an advantage, according to HotCars. There’s less broken glass to deal with and more protection from the surrounding metal frame.

3. Subaru Outback 

The Outback may not be the prettiest, nor the biggest, nor the most powerful, but it made StudyFinds’ list for its “decent gas mileage,” the research site wrote, quoting Zero to 60 Times.

Outbacks can take a beating and have more ground clearance than other Subaru models. This, along with its superior speed, make it good for cruising rough terrain, according to HotCars.

The seats also fold down, potentially sleeping two.

The Outback is all-wheel drive, has good storage space and is known for its reliability, according to Urban Survival Site.

4. Mercedes Benz Unimog

StudyFinds calls the Unimog the “superstar” of the list.

A road warrior’s dream, this 412 horsepower heap is built with a 4-liter, twin-turbo V8 diesel engine, according to Armormax.

It can traverse all kinds of terrain and is loaded with safety features, such as a multi-function steering wheel, which allows the driver to control the vehicle’s features without taking his hands off the wheel.

It also comes with anti-lock braking systems and run-flat tires, according to Armormax.

One doesn’t have to pay $100,000 to get one either, according to HotCars. A used one can go for under $20,000.

“Once you summit the learning curve of the seven different levers you control (just for the transmission and drive modes) then you have an enviable diesel machine that can carry a football team, hold a camper box or even mount a turret gun,” HotCars advised.

5. Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops or the Chevrolet Express

The Silverado Black Ops was a concept truck that debuted in 2013.

The 355 horsepower Silverado packs a 5.3-liter V8 engine that makes this bug-out vehicle a practical choice for any prepper.

According to a 2013 news release, the truck was equipped with lower body armor and a storage unit.

The truck could also hold a solar power pack, a pair of gas masks, gloves, a military first-aid kit, a folding shovel and rope.

It also came with a generator, a fuel and water can, and a crate stocked with food, according to the news release.

StudyFinds also praised the Chevy Express van, another reliable option.

Its V6 engine is capable of towing 4,500 pounds and the V8 version can tow 10,000 pounds, according to HotCars.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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