A Sign of the Times: Leftists Are Now Declaring Their Support for Osama bin Laden En Masse

A Sign of the Times: Leftists Are Now Declaring Their Support for Osama bin Laden En Masse

As if we needed any more proof TikTok is an enemy propaganda tool, a recent trending topic should remove any doubt.

The Chinese-owned platform has gone beyond Tide Pod-eating and Kia-stealing memes. Now TikTok’s algorithms are promoting pro-terrorist statements.

The videos feature a parade of mush-for-brains leftists justifying the 9/11 attacks based on an inflammatory and deceitful “Letter to America” written by Osama bin Laden.

Time reported on the resurgence of bin Laden’s distorted beliefs, fueled by the ongoing operations in Gaza. Leftists want Israel to declare a cease-fire after Hamas terrorists launched mass attacks on civilians on Oct. 7.

Time noted that The Guardian, which published bin Laden’s letter in 2002, took it down on Wednesday, but an archived copy remains available.

In it, bin Laden accuses the U.S. of attacking the imaginary state of “Palestine,” among other offenses.

X user End Wokeness shared a sample of the gullible TikTokers swayed by the al-Qaida leader’s manifesto explaining why he massacred innocent Americans.

The post was captioned, “TikTok has now rehabilitated Osama Bin Laden. 9/11 was justified and an act of resistance, they say. Decolonization is a death cult.”

WARNING: The following videos contain language that some viewers will find offensive.

“Reading this letter, it becomes apparent to me that the actions of 9/11 and those acts committed against the USA and its people were all just the build-up of our government failing other nations,” one TikTok user said.

Another user posted a video with the caption, “reading [bin Laden’s] letter to America knowing he was right.” Others said the letter “explains so much” and will “blow your mind.”

The popular Libs of TikTok account added more examples.

This support of bin Laden is a direct result of viewing the world through a Marxist lens.

In this worldview, the victims of terror had it coming due to the actions of whatever “oppressor” group they can be associated with. The “oppressed” group is always noble, no matter what heinous, unprovoked actions they take.

In fact, to the “resistors,” there is no such thing as an unprovoked attack. The proper remedy is always ruthless extermination and revenge.

This flawed dichotomy of oppressors and oppressed is why the left is almost always in support of Muslims, despite the two groups having polar opposite views on most significant issues.

Journalist Megyn Kelly provided perspective on how such reprehensible attitudes came to be, and how wiser citizens will respond.

After calling out the parents of these monsters for failing to educate their children in history and morality, Kelly concluded, “Trust me when I tell you that the majority of Americans – this generation and the next – will fight to defeat the pernicious lunacy you’ve unleashed. And we will win.”

It is a short step from supporting violence to committing it, especially when a person’s conscience has been poisoned to believe villainy is heroic.

Perhaps just as sickening is that a Chinese social media platform is turning Americans into enemies.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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