‘Sick and Upset’ Vegan Brutally Mocked After Sending Threatening Letter to Neighbor

A family in Australia has officially been put on blast over a pair of letters — one decidedly more threatening than the other — they had left for their neighbors. Local Facebook page Hey Perth posted both of these letters for all to see, and the reaction was a decidedly mocking and dismissive tone. The first post, which was put up on May 5, shows a letter that was left for “Kylie from Burns Beach” by an agitated family. “Hello neighbour,” the letter begins. “Could you please shut your side window when cooking please. My family are vegan (we eat only plant based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. “We would appreciate your understanding. Thanks.” The letter was signed by “Sarah, Wayne & kids.” The comments responding to that first letter were none too kind. “Sounds like someone and their kids need to move, like out in the middle of 50 acres so they can be spared from human life,” one Facebook user derisively commented. “Maybe Sarah, Wayne and kids could close THEIR window and then there [wouldn’t] be a problem,” another Facebook user wrote. “I think its time for a community bbq, eh?” one particularly vindictive Facebook user responded. That last comment, whether intentionally or not, proved to be rather predictive, as a second letter from Sarah, Wayne and their kids soon made its way to Kylie after a barbecue had allegedly been thrown. Hey Perth again posted the letter, which was met with similar mocking scorn. The second letter, this time addressed directly to “Kylie,” took on a much more threatening tone than the first. “Hello Kylie,” this new letter, entitled “LAST WARNING,” reads. “You have taken the mickey out of me and have been downright rude. I raised my concerns of the smell of meat¬†making my family feel sick & upset and you go and have a BBQ on Saturday night inviting lots of [people.] “And you knew this would affect me and my family.” For the record, Kylie advised Hey Perth that she had organized a party for King Charles III’s coronation “many weeks ago” and the event “was not a deliberate act to fire up her neighbors.” Sarah added that she’s been keeping an eye on the social media noise being raised about this ordeal: “My friend Tina told me you took my letter to social media and it backfired on you which is ‘just deserts.'” Perhaps not content with letting Kylie know that her moves on social media are being watched, Sarah and her family ended the second letter on a pair of literal threats. “Please no more BBQ’s and please keep that window closed when cooking otherwise I’m going to report you and go to social media too,” the letter ends. The threats of reporting and taking her own complaints to social media again triggered a wave of brutal responses on the Facebook post left on the Hey Perth page. “Who is Sarah going to report you to?” one incredulous Facebook user asked. “The Meat Police or The BBQ Busters FBI unit?” “How entitled is this [awful] woman,” another Facebook user added. “I doubt her family are throwing up or actually ‘made sick’ by the smell, when you’re cooking you should be allowed to have your windows open. If she doesn’t like the smell, perhaps she could close her windows. “You can’t make demands of people like this, how ridiculous!” “Sarah seriously needs to stop making threats,” that same Facebook user commented. “‘Last warning’ She could wind up getting herself in alot of trouble and done for harassment.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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