Shocking Poll Finds Nearly a Quarter of Gen Z Would Ban Bible for ‘Hate Speech’

Shocking Poll Finds Nearly a Quarter of Gen Z Would Ban Bible for ‘Hate Speech’

This is shocking.

But then again, the way things are going, maybe not.

Nearly 25 percent of young people in the U.K. believe the Bible should be banned if it is found to contain “hate speech.”

That’s according to a poll of 2,088 British adults conducted by Whitestone Insights, which asked those surveyed the following: “Unless the offending parts can be edited out, books containing what some perceive as hate speech should be banned from general sale, including if necessary religious texts such as the Bible.”

Twenty-three percent of Gen Z — respondents 18 to 34 years old — agreed, as did 17 percent of those aged 35 to 54 and 13 percent of those over 55, according to CBN News.

British young people’s view of the Bible is causing some alarm regarding the future of religious freedom.

Lois McLatchie of Alliance Defending Freedom UK said, “We may no longer be a majority Christian population here in Britain. That’s even more reason to protect freedom of speech and belief for all.”

“We need a robust defense of religious freedom from those who craft our legislation, and we need to educate the ‘be kind’ generation on the truly hateful consequences of censorship before this type of thinking creeps further into reality.”


We’re now being fed the nonsense that words that hurt someone’s feelings amount to violence. (Or worse, that a lack of words can also amount to violence, as in the slogan from the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots: “Silence is violence.”)

Since the Bible is clear about what we now term LGBT issues and that hurts some people’s feelings, the only logical next step is to ban the Bible and crack down on those who read and cherish it.

Based on the U.K. survey, can that kind of censorship be far behind?

There’s already been a brush with it in Finland, where two Christians — a lawmaker and a Lutheran bishop — recently dodged criminal conviction for quoting the Bible.

Of course, the departure of the young from biblical truths is nothing new.

I recall reading lamentations from a professor at a state university that many biblical sayings (“wolf in sheep’s clothing,” etc.) only drew blank stares from his students. They had no idea what he was talking about.

The sad part is how long ago I read that.

It was about 1976.

That means we had a problem four decades ago. And we’ve gone from biblical ignorance to growing belief in the Bible as evil.

But there is good news, as expressed in 1 Peter 1:25: “The Word of the Lord endures forever.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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