Sheriff Leaving Epic Signs in Yards of Drug Houses, And He Has the Perfect Response for Anyone It Offends

A sheriff in Kings Mountain, N.C, is making it clear what houses he has busted for illegal drug operations. According to WHNS-TV, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office placed a yard sign in front of a house it had reportedly busted for drugs. “This drug house closed for business by: Sheriff Alan Norman,” the sign read. The department further explained the sign in a July 18 Facebook post. “The drug house at 1142 Rollingbrook Ct. in Kings Mountain is officially shut down,” the post said. “Customers are no longer welcome!” The department also had a message for anyone who was upset by the sign. “Any unhappy customers or citizens with information about other drug houses should call 704-484-4831.” This response is perfect for two reasons. First of all, people who were buying drugs from the house would not be able to call and complain to the sheriff’s office without exposing their own crimes. Second, if a citizen was not buying drugs but simply felt offended by the sign, their complaints would likely be ignored even if they were to call. With this message, the department let the whole community know it will continue to do its job and bust criminals, and it does not plan on apologizing for it. The practice of putting up signs at drug houses seems to have originated in Florida. Images shared on Twitter over the last few years showed similar “closed for business” signs outside houses in multiple Florida counties. The drug bust in Kings Mountain comes at a time when the fentanyl crisis continues to ravage the country. According to a February 2022 report from Route Fifty, North Carolina was in the top ten states for fentanyl deaths last year. Overall, 30 states have seen fentanyl deaths double in the last two years. As police in Democrat-led areas continue to be soft on crime, it is refreshing to see a sheriff send a clear message that crime will not be tolerated. The fentanyl crisis is a major issue in the United States, and it will take decisive action like this to address the problem. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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