Sheila Jackson Lee Defeated in Mayor Race – It Wasn’t Even Close

Sheila Jackson Lee Defeated in Mayor Race – It Wasn’t Even Close

A progressive Democrat has been roundly defeated in her bid to obtain the mayoralty of one of the nation’s biggest cities.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee lost the election for mayor of Houston on Saturday.

The member of Congress, who represents a district in inner Houston, lost the election to another Democrat, according to CBS News.

Texas State Sen. John Whitmire had secured a strong majority of 65.27 percent of the vote as of Saturday night. The lawmaker has represented a North Houston district in the state legislature since 1983.

Jackson Lee held only 34.73 percent.

Whitmire struck a more bipartisan tone in his campaign than Jackson — emphasizing cooperation with the state’s Republican elected officials and state legislature.

The more than 40-year veteran of the state legislature cited public safety, affordability and infrastructure as the priorities for his administration.

Whitmire’s focus on criminal justice aided in his broad support from independent and Republican-leaning voters in the largely Democratic city, according to Politico.

Some progressive Democrats opposed Whitmire for his focus on criminal justice.

Jackson Lee conceded to Whitmire and wished him well as mayor in a Saturday election night speech.

Jackson Lee’s loss could bring about the end of her own lengthy congressional career.

The congresswoman, who has served in the House for 28 years, indicated that she would make a decision about running for re-election within the next two days.

Whitmire will replace incumbent mayor Sylvester Turner.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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