Senate Candidate Blamed East Coast Earthquake on Climate Change: ‘The Climate Crisis Is Real’

Senate Candidate Blamed East Coast Earthquake on Climate Change: ‘The Climate Crisis Is Real’

It’s all climate change, all of it!

New Jersey Senate candidate Christina Khalil made bizarre claims on her X account that because her state normally does not get earthquakes, Friday’s quake could be blamed on climate change.

Khalil is running to replace Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez as he faces countless charges surrounding an alleged bribery scandal with Qatar and Egypt.

The stupidity all began with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that struck The Garden State alongside others on Friday, leaving minimal damage but shaking things up.

This prompted the Green Party candidate to take to her social media to draw connections that don’t exist.

“I experienced my first earthquake in NJ. We never get earthquakes. The climate crisis is real,” she wrote in a since-deleted post, per Shore News Network. “The weirdest experience ever.”

Of course, anyone who understands how natural disasters work in the slightest would immediately understand just how ridiculous of a claim Khalil made.

As National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist Alan Buis explains, “With the advent of seismology — the study of earthquakes — we now know that most quakes are caused by tectonic processes — forces within the solid Earth that drive changes in the structure of Earth’s crust, primarily the rupture of underground rock masses along faults.

“We also know that most earthquakes occur far beneath Earth’s surface, well beyond the influence of surface temperatures and conditions.

“Finally, we know the statistical distribution of earthquakes is approximately equal across all types of weather conditions,” Buis said. “Myth busted.”

The quickest Google search would easily disprove Khalil’s ideas if she bothered to fact check herself, but she and members of her party can make a climate change connection to just about anything.

But asking a Green Party member to operate on facts and reality is far too cruel and unreasonable.

Their group is founded on alarmist principles and hyper-focusing on a single issue that they revel in vastly overreporting.

The climate change movement is defined around shaming other’s way of life while they themselves enjoy the very things they admonish others for.

The world is far greater than these people wish to believe, because God designed it with great intent.

“My hand laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens; when I call to them, they stand forth together,” reads Isaiah 48:13.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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