If You’ve Seen This Man Handing Out Notes at a Waffle House, You’re One of the Lucky Few

A chance encounter has shown a spotlight on a man who has been making lives brighter without any notice. Kevin Cate, who once worked with the Obama administration, tweeted about his encounter with a man he met at a Waffle House restaurant in Midway, Florida. The man told Cate that he was giving away money — a few dollars at a time — to strangers he encounters at Waffle House. The man did not give Cate his name. He noted that his motivation came from the final words his mother said to him. Cate said the man told him his mom’s final words were “love everybody.” And that, he said, is what he tries to do by giving away $1 or $5 at a time, which has amounted to $13,000 since he began his generous act in 2014. The story struck a chord among many on Twitter The Waffle House chain has been in the news recently for cash flowing in a different direction. [firefly_poll] According to a report in The State, a man who robbed the Waffle House in North Augusta, South Carolina, and made off with about $300 had an unconventional farewell as he left. “God bless you,” the robber reportedly told employees. “I did not want to hurt anyone.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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