Security Fences Going Up in DC Ahead of State of the Union – What Is Biden Terrified Of?

Security Fences Going Up in DC Ahead of State of the Union – What Is Biden Terrified Of?

The same type of security fencing that went up around the U.S. Capitol in Washington following the Jan. 6, 2021, incursion was put in place again ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Thursday night.

Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram posted on X that security officials said there was “no direct threat,” but fencing went up at the request of the Secret Service.

This will mark the fourth consecutive State of the Union speech for which the barrier will be in place, Pergram reported.

“Fox is told this is a ‘new normal’ and security posture for what was described to Fox as a ‘national security event of the highest order,'” he said.

“Multiple sources have alluded to concerns about pro-Palestinian demonstrators potentially causing havoc around the Hill around the time of the speech,” Pergram added.

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s victory speech in his U.S. Senate primary race was disrupted Tuesday night by pro-Palestinian protesters.

Biden certainly does not want the optics or noise created by that happening during his big speech — although such protesters almost certainly would not face the round-up and criminal prosecutions that the Jan. 6 demonstrators did.

On Monday, the X account American Muslims for Palestine called for a protest outside the Capitol during the president’s speech.

News Nation’s Kellie Meyer noted in a post on X that the Biden administration in recent days has been air-dropping humanitarian supplies into Gaza — perhaps, in part, to try to assuage the far left wing of the party, which is demanding a cease-fire in Israel’s war against Hamas.

Pergram wrote that the Capitol fencing would be taken down after the State of the Union address.

If only security officials had had the foresight to put up fencing ahead of the Jan. 6 protests, especially when it was unclear who would be showing up.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs issued a report in July finding that the FBI and Homeland Security Department ignored a “massive amount of intelligence information” before the Capitol incursion.

But that’s water under the bridge.

Multiple Republican lawmakers couldn’t help noting the incongruity of an administration that shut down the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall building one in D.C. to protect the president.

“Protection for him, not for us,” Rep. Tim Tiffany of Wisconsin posted on X.

“The State of the Union summed up in one picture,” Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia wrote.

“The Biden admin will erect a fence around the [Capitol] in the dark of night but absolutely refuses to build a wall and seal our border to defend innocent Americans like Laken Riley,” she added, referring to a Georgia college student who was murdered by an illegal immigrant last month, according to police.

President Biden, look outside your window at the White House. You’ll see a wall there — because they work.

The fence being erected at the Capitol proves the point, yet again.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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