Secretary of State Reportedly Made an Insulting Request to IDF – Does Biden Even Want Hamas Defeated?

Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency continues to sow global instability as the war brewing between Israel and Hamas escalates by the day. In the latest farcical illustration of this administration’s incompetence, Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged the Israel Defense Forces to use “smaller bombs” to reduce civilian casualties in the ongoing Gaza conflict, The New York Times reported Saturday. “U.S. officials said they have privately outlined several steps to Israel to reduce civilian casualties in its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, including using smaller bombs, when going after Hamas leaders and infrastructure,” the report said. “American military officials say that the smaller bombs are much better suited to the dense urban environments of Gaza,” the Times reported. “But Israel has over the years built up stocks of larger bombs, intended mostly to target hardened Hezbollah military positions in Lebanon.” The latest conflict in the Mideast erupted on Oct. 7 when Iran-backed Hamas terrorists launched rockets into Israel and militants stormed into the country from the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of civilians. Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, claims it’s fighting to liberate the Palestinians from unlawful Israeli occupation. During the past four weeks, the military campaigns on both sides have escalated, resulting in numerous civilian casualties. On Friday, Blinken flew to Israel to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take measures to minimize civilian deaths amid outrage in the Muslim world over Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 attacks. The secretary of state repeated this same message on Saturday in Jordan during a meeting with Arab leaders, who demanded an immediate cease-fire. “U.S. officials told the Israelis that they could reduce civilian casualties if they improved how they targeted Hamas leaders, gathered more intelligence on Hamas command and control networks before launching strikes, used smaller bombs to collapse the tunnel network and employed their ground forces to separate civilian population centers from where the militants are concentrated,” the Times reported. It said Blinken also urged Israel to agree to “a series of pauses in the fighting to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza and the exit of foreign nationals from the enclave,” but Netanyahu rejected the idea. Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s absurd “smaller bombs” approach was lampooned on the social media platform X. Using smaller ones doesn’t promote peace or ensure the defeat of Hamas. If anything, this tactic could prolong the war, resulting in even more deaths. “Oh, what humanity warmongers can display at times. Just kill those civilians with more, smaller bombs,” one person wrote sarcastically. Another commenter also scoffed at the notion that using “smaller bombs” is tantamount to “more compassionate bombing.” Other X users said the “smaller bombs” approach would do little to end the war. As bloody conflicts flare up across the globe and geopolitical stability grows more tenuous by the day, one thing is clear: Biden’s inexcusable ineptitude is inching us closer to World War III. He has to go.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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