Schumer Invited on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ but Weasels Himself Out of It with Slimy Ultimatum

Tucker Carlson and Fox News are destroying the nation by showing raw footage of the Capitol incursion, according to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. So Carlson invited Schumer to come on TV and talk about it. But Schumer said he will appear on Carlson’s show only if Carlson takes back everything he has said. “I was invited on Tucker Carlson’s show. I will agree to go on after Tucker Carlson admits to his viewers live on air that he has been lying to them about the 2020 elections and about what happened on January 6th,” Schumer tweeted on Tuesday. Establishment Washington has been rocked after thousands of hours of Jan. 6 video footage were released by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On Monday, Carlson began airing clips of the footage on Fox — the same clips the Jan. 6 committee seemingly saw and hid from the public. The newly released video tells a different story than the oft-repeated legacy media descriptions of angry Trump supporters staging an insurrection of some kind. Rather, after demonstrating outside the Capitol, curious protesters can be seen in the building snapping pictures and taking self-guided tours with the cooperation of the Capitol Police. Carlson acknowledged on his show that a few “hooligans” did engage in violent disruptions that day. By promoting a contrary narrative, Carlson is destroying the country, Schumer said in a Tuesday news conference. “Last night, Fox News — with Speaker McCarthy as a willing, capable and powerful accomplice — aired one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen in the history — in the entire history — of cable television,” Schumer said. “Tucker Carlson is a propagandist publicly pretending to be a newsman,” he continued. “They’re liars. … They’re destroying America for some kind of monetary or other advantage.” “With that contempt for facts and knowing full well that he was lying to America, Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment last night arguing the Jan. 6 Capitol attack was not a violent insurrection, an attempt to rewrite history and erode the very foundation of our precious and sometimes fragile democracy.” Schumer made similar comments on the Senate floor Tuesday. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called Carlson’s airing of the footage a “mistake.” However, others are supportive of Carlson’s presentation of the video evidence and are critical of Schumer’s refusal to appear on Fox. So it goes — Fox News and Tucker Carlson presenting an alternative to the establishment narrative and being accused of destroying the country in the process. It brings to mind the old Fox News slogan: “We report. You decide.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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