Scandal: Cameras Catch ABC Hosts Groping in Public, Deserting Families at Christmas, Shacking up Together

Good morning, America? More like good morning, adulterers. Multiple outlets, including the U.K.’s Daily Mail and the New York Post’s Page Six, are reporting that “Good Morning America” co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been engaged in a months-long affair. Holmes, 45, is married to lawyer Marilee Fiebig, while Robach, 49, is married to actor Andrew Shue. On Wednesday, the Daily Mail published multiple photos of the couple out in public, flaunting the relationship for all to see. People quoted an inside source as saying both Holmes and Robach had split from their spouses before getting together. “This was two consenting adults who were each separated. They both broke up with their spouses in August within weeks of each other,” the source said. “The relationship didn’t start until after that.” However, neither has made a public statement about such a separation as of Thursday. A noteworthy cheating scandal needs to hit a few prerequisites, and the one rocking the set of “Good Morning America” nails all of them. The people involved have to be well-known. Given that Holmes and Robach are co-hosts of one of the most-watched American morning shows, that box is certainly checked. There has to be an element of brazenness. The photos that the Daily Mail posted were not particularly secretive or clandestine. These were two very public faces showing clear signs of affection in public. That’s as brazen as it gets. There has to be an attempt to remove themselves from public view. Holmes appears to have deleted his Twitter altogether (Robach’s Twitter is still active, but she hasn’t posted since May.) Both Holmes and Robach have deleted their Instagram accounts as well. But all joking aside, this situation exposes the hypocrisy that runs rampant in today’s world — particularly on the left and in Hollywood. Look, there’s no true way of knowing what Holmes’ and Robach’s political leanings are. What is known is that they both represent “Good Morning America,” ABC and its parent company, Disney. First, ABC and Disney (really, all leftists) like to claim the moral high ground and present themselves as “family-friendly.” GMA bills itself as “your source for useful news and inspiration on how to live your best life.” Does your best life include cheating on your spouse and then having co-workers blatantly ignore the scandal? There was certainly a learning and teaching opportunity here, but clearly, GMA had no interest in that. ABC and Disney, meanwhile, appear to be kneeling at the altar of profitability (surprise, surprise), according to a follow-up New York Post report. “It’s ultimately about the ratings,” a source told the Post, adding that Holmes and Robach could “keep their jobs if their ratings hold up.” Got it. So when the ostensibly family-friendly Disney has a chance to make a very public statement about the sanctity of marriage and the importance of character, it chooses to look behind the curtain adorned with dollar signs. Interestingly, if you search for “affair” on GMA’s website, you’ll also notice a peculiar pattern in the way the show covers adultery. If the scandal involves someone that the left would want to cover for, such as singer Adam Levine, porn star Stormy Daniels or former California Rep. Katie Hill, GMA puts the relationship in the softest light possible: “Adam Levine denies affair accusations,” “Stormy Daniels breaks silence on alleged Trump affair,” and “Rep. Katie Hill denies sexual affair with staffer” are all very weak and non-accusatory headlines on the site. Now, compare the above to how GMA covered the affairs of people who aren’t in the good graces of the left. Former Trump adviser Rick Gates, former Republican Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and former evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. all received more severe treatment. “Gates admits using embezzled money to fund affair,” “Missouri governor faces new felony charge amid affair scandal,” and “Former Christian evangelical leader fires back in a new statement” are all headlines that paint the alleged adulterer in a much harsher light. To be clear, everyone who has cheated on his or her spouse has done wrong. They deserved the scrutiny and criticisms hurled their way. The issue is that GMA has graded these similar scandals on a wildly imbalanced scale. Adultery is adultery and should be condemned as such, regardless of whether those involved are on the left or right of the political spectrum. A moral and upstanding media company would seek to make sure that message gets across loud and clear. It’s obvious that ABC and Disney want to make sure that message gets across only when those involved are Republicans. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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