‘Satan is Proud of You’: Ex-Disney Star Releases ‘Swine’ Video That’s Definitely Not Safe for Kids

It’s curious how many Disney child actors grow up to be flamboyantly debased and troubled celebrities.  Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the notable examples that passed through the House of Mouse on their way towards lives marked by scandal and infamy. Add Demi Lovato to that list. After getting her start as a teenaged performer in Disney productions like “Camp Rock” and “Sonny With A Chance,” Lovato, now 30, parlayed her early fame into a career as a pop music diva. But like those other former Disney princesses, off stage Lovato engaged in very public displays of addiction and mental health issues. Now, Lovato brings that darkness into her performances, and expects to be praised for it. Her latest “surprise new single” is an obscenity-riddled ode to abortion. The song, “Swine,” as well as its sinister and ritualistic music video, is so blatantly immoral that social media users are raising an eyebrow. But no description or accusation was more apt than the one lobbed by political strategist Joey Mannarino on Twitter: “Satan is proud of you.” As reported by The Daily Wire, Lovato said the song was “made specifically to promote abortion following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.” Lovato made the pro-abortion activism behind the song clear, even if she can’t use the forbidden word “women” any longer. “I want this song to empower not only the birthing people of this country, but everyone who stands up for equality, to embrace their agency and fight for a world where every person’s right to make decisions about their own body is honored,” Lovato said. The June 2022 Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization found there was no Constitutional right to abortion, and returned the authority to regulate abortion to the states. That’s right, Lovato celebrated the anniversary of thousands of babies being saved in the most demonic way possible. It’s not a surprising attitude coming from an entertainer whose last two albums were named, “Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over” and the coy misspelling of “Holy Fvck.” For that last album, Lovato courted blasphemous publicity with a kinky crucifix-themed poster. The offensive image was banned in the UK. For the “Swine” video, Lovato flaunts a witchcraft theme, with hellish flames, transgender men not passing as females, and evil white men as judgmental inquisitors. It’s easy to detect the diabolical pattern here, as the entertainment industry tries to make devil worship go mainstream.

WARNING: The following video contains images and language that viewers will find offensive

It’s sad to see Lovato manifesting such toxicity. She was making some progress towards sanity, recently dropping the pretentious and annoying “they/them” pronouns game she was playing. But it seems to be one step forward, three steps back for Lovato, with “Swine” intended  as an anthem to hedonism and the callous disregard for the unborn. There is hope for Lovato yet. In 2019, Lovato was baptized in the Jordan River, after going through a near fatal heroin overdose in 2018. Jesus is still there for her, if she turns to Him again. Lovato has previously described truly opening herself to God. However, it seems she was forced to recant by progressive pressure, to the extent she even apologized for visiting Israel. Now, Lovato’s “art” has become little more than a celebration of Lucifer. Make no mistake, what Lovato now produces is not art, but propaganda. It’s meant to poison the minds and souls of her mostly younger and impressionable audience. Parents should be aware the former Disney star definitely crossed into the deep end of the leftist agenda. Lovato’s music is not fit for children, or anyone who values art as enriching, uplifting experience. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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