Root: With Trump Crushing in New Poll, Dems Will Bring in Not 1 but 2 Ringers to Replace Biden

The New York Times released a poll over the weekend showing former President Donald Trump winning almost every close battleground state over President Joe Biden. What exactly does this mean? First, of course, it’s great news for President Trump. Liberals can’t claim it’s “fake news” or “a biased poll” because their god is The New York Times. They worship the Times. They bow down when the Times arrives each morning. Rich liberals marry off their daughters with Times’ newspaper leading to the altar. They despise the Bible, but they treat everything they read in the Times as “gospel.” They question the U.S. Constitution, but anything in The New York Times cannot be questioned. So, if the Times says Trump is winning, then Trump is winning. A fact is a fact! Secondly, the trouncing gets worse when you hear the Times/Siena poll shows Trump winning by landslides on the three issues that matter most at this moment in time — the economy, immigration and national security. Can you even imagine how this shatters a liberal’s world? They believed the lies they’ve read for years in the Times. They have read hundreds of times that Trump is “the most hated, unpopular president ever.” [firefly_poll] They’ve read that Trump’s “a dictator, tyrant, racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, Nazi, KKK member, white supremacist.” And he’s “an election denier.” They’ve read thousands of times that Trump’s a criminal. Heck, he’s been indicted four times. He’s on trial now in New York City on a case accusing him of earning his fortune by committing fraud. And after all of that … Trump is poised to win an electoral landslide? Holy crap! This must shatter the world of liberals. They’ve got Trump right where they want him. They’re thought process went something like this: “Trump’s never been more ‘unpopular.’ Everyone now knows he’s a criminal and a fraud. He’s about to be stripped of his assets. He’s about to go to prison for life.” And yet Trump’s winning big!  Trump’s actually kicking the butt of the Democratic party and their president! And who says so? It’s the trustworthy liberal bible — The New York Times. What’s next? Will the Times admit the economy is in shambles and Bidenomics is a massive failure? Phones are ringing this morning at psychiatrist offices all over the New York metropolitan area. Liberals are screaming, “HELP — I’m on a ledge!” Third, here’s the most important thing this poll represents. This New York Times poll is the Democratic establishment’s way of informing Democrats across America that, “Biden has to go.” Democrats are openly throwing brain-dead, dementia-laden, corruption-magnet Biden and his mentally-ill, crack-addicted, hooker-addicted son under the bus. Biden is finished. This New York Times poll is the blinking Vegas neon sign. Democratic leaders, strategists and pollsters now know they cannot beat Trump unless they dump Biden. So, now the process begins. The only question remaining is: Who replaces Biden — Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom? Here’s my theory — It’s going to be BOTH. It will either be Michelle on top, with Gavin as vice president. Or Gavin on top, with Michelle as VP. Michelle on top of the ticket makes sense because she has the Obama brand name, with Gavin as VP because he can raise a ton of money from all the filthy rich liberals in California. Or Gavin on top because he actually wants the job. He’s desperate for the job. He’s waited his whole life for the job, and he’s clearly running a stealth campaign for president right now. While Michelle, who clearly enjoys her private life and doesn’t want the job of president, makes sense as VP because even in the VP slot she puts the Obama brand name on the ticket. She solidifies Democratic support from women and minorities, and her main role will be to campaign 24/7 with her hubby, Barack, by her side in blue and battleground states — the fun part of the job. Once elected as VP, Michelle gets to enjoy all the fame, celebrity worship, and legacy, but with none of the hard work, heavy lifting, or stress from making unpopular decisions. All vice presidents do once elected is sit behind the president at State of the Union speeches and travel around the world representing America — mostly at funerals for world leaders. Democrats, Gavin Newsom, Michelle Obama and China all get a win-win. Psychopath Gavin fulfills his lifelong dream. Michelle gets all the perks of celebrity and none of the work. The Democratic party keeps control of the presidency and, therefore, gets to finish the job of destroying America, American exceptionalism and capitalism. And China becomes the dominant world power. Unless …  the one thing Democrats never even considered … the impossible becomes REALITY … What if Trump really is that popular? What if America blames not just Biden, but all Democrats, for the terrible mess America has become? What if Americans now finally understand and appreciate how good things were with Trump as president? What if all these false indictments and the weaponization of the government have turned Trump into a martyr and hero? What if Trump is unstoppable and unbeatable no matter who the Democrats run against him? What if Democrats have created such a monster that even Michelle and Gavin can’t beat Trump — with a rigged election? Buckle your seats belts. We’re about to find out!
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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