Ron DeSantis Breaks Silence on Tucker Carlson Ouster

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis offered praise for former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday while voicing concerns about the direction in which Fox News is heading. Although many in the media and political world reacted angrily to Carlson’s April 24 ouster, DeSantis had no immediate reaction. For that, his was jabbed last Sunday by Donald Trump Jr. “It’s been almost a week since Fox News fired Tucker Carlson & Ron DeSantis STILL hasn’t found the courage to say a word about it. Wonder why? We already know he flip-flopped on Ukraine because of his donors, so i guess it’s unsurprising that he’s afraid to cross Paul Ryan & Fox,” Donald Trump Jr. posted on Twitter. DeSantis spoke up about Carlson’s dismissal on Eric Bolling’s show on Newsmax. “I think it’s terrible that he was fired. I think there’s more to it. I don’t think it was about Tucker. I think it’s about some of this other stuff that’s going on with Fox,” DeSantis said. DeSantis said that the ratings decline that impacted multiple Fox shows — and not just Carlson’s former time slot — is “really, really significant.” “‘So whether that is going to mark a shift, a migration away, that’s something that could be very good’ for American independence from ‘corporate media,'” he said. “But, I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of stuff out there now,” he said. “It’s very fragmented, but if you could hit a sweet medium there, there’s a lot of people that hunger for that type of access.” DeSantis spoke further about what he called the corporate media. “How bad has the national corporate media got with their narratives?” DeSantis said. He said sites such as Newsmax “push back on it, and Florida, obviously, we push back on it.” “But it’s like one thing to have a liberal bias. It’s another thing to ignore facts and put narrative ahead of facts. And they do that every day, and that’s why trust is at an all-time low with corporate media.” Carlson, who DeSantis called a “fantastic individual,” was an original voice saying what Americans need to hear, DeSantis said. “He was somebody that was willing to speak out and challenge the prevailing orthodoxies — so he’s hitting the right issues. And he’s talented; he’s funny, and it was a great show.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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