Rock Legend Carlos Santana Collapses on Stage During Concert

Legendary rocker Carlos Santana suddenly collapsed on stage during a show Tuesday night. Santana has been touring with Earth, Wind & Fire and was in Michigan for a concert on Tuesday, NBC News reported. The guitarist is 74 years old. According to his manager, Michael Vrionis, his collapse was the result of heat exhaustion and dehydration. When he collapsed, medical workers checked Santana and then he was carried off the stage. Vrionis later issued a statement saying that Santana was taken to an emergency room for observation and that he was “doing well.” The collapse was caught on video and the medical workers could be seen holding a curtain around Santana while they attended to him, WDIV News reported. The audience was even told to “please pray for him.” But as they moved him off stage, Santana waved to the crowd. After the collapse, they announced that the show was over and other previously scheduled performances would be rescheduled to later dates. But Santana himself seems to have recovered quickly. He released a statement on Facebook overnight, explaining what happened. “To one and all. Thank you for your precious prayers. Cindy and I, we are good just taking it easy,” his post read. “Forgot to eat and drink water so I dehydrated and passed out. Blessings and miracles to you all,” the post concluded, WDIV News reported. The Miraculous Supernatural Tour of Santana and Earth, Wind & Fire, has 21 dates left and is supposed to run through late August, NBC News reported. After that, Santana is scheduled to go back to Las Vegas for his residency at the House of Blues. There, a show based on his greatest hits is set to run in the fall. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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