RI Dem Lawmaker Debases Herself Sexually on TikTok in Protest for ‘Trans Rights’ and ‘Intersex Justice’

And here I thought Rhode Island Democrats couldn’t get more embarrassing than Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse. Whitehouse, you may recall, was forced to reveal last summer that he was a member of an all-white sailing club. The senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee — whose strange jihad against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, including a quixotic call to have him impeached, was derailed by the scandal — refused to resign from the organization, saying instead that he was “working with the club and the community to build a more inclusive membership and to better connect with the local community,” according to Fox News. Yes, but at least he didn’t twerk when he delivered that mealy-mouthed apology. Meet state Sen. Tiara Mack. First elected in 2020, she’s running for a second term this year, according to Ballotpedia. Her resumé includes time as an organizer with Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, a progressive agenda on sex education and objectifying herself sexually on social media. In a TikTok campaign video released earlier this week, a bikini-clad Mack can be seen “twerking” — shaking one’s derriere in a sexually suggestive manner — while doing a headstand at the beach. (At The Western Journal, we’ve documented how those who are so eager for public schools to push a hyper-sexualized, hyper-progressive educational agenda on your children seem to have so little moral decency themselves. We’ll continue to chronicle this race to the bottom. You can help us bring voters the truth about the Democratic Party by subscribing.) “Vote Senator Mack!” she declares at the beginning of the clip. Then she begins the twerking as a voice intones, “that a**, that a**.” It went viral after it was reposted by Libs of TikTok on July 4.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language and behavior that some viewers will find offensive.

As the post noted, Mack was a key proponent of “comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based” sex education, something she claims she spent time teaching. You can say this much for Mack: At least she owned it, albeit in her own way. First, she mocked the prudes who didn’t think twerking was a positive campaign message. Then — in a series of campaign posters unveiled on her Twitter feed Thursday morning — she said that, really, she was twerking for “abortion justice,” “trans rights,” “intersex justice” and “black girl magic.” Just think how much more support she could garner for those causes if she promised never to twerk again. And, shocker of shockers, she’s also fundraising off of her newfound infamy: And why not? The party of Drag Queen Story Hour might as well embrace the sexualization of all aspects of politics, including campaigning itself. Why not a Tiara Mack OnlyFans? Leftists love saying that sex work is real work to justify the dignity and legal status of prostitution and pornography. Let’s go further: Sex campaigning is real campaigning. Why hold candidates’ debates when they can engage in a pole-dancing competition? And it’s not like the men would be put at a disadvantage here: After all, the ladies went gaga for those “Magic Mike” movies, right? And as for the campaign issues? Um, what issues? Sheldon Whitehouse might not do too well in this part of the campaign cycle, but at least we’ll forget all about that segregated sailing club now that we’ve found a Rhode Island politician far more embarrassing than he is. But don’t make too much fun of Tiara Mack for this, lest you be labeled a racist homophobe by the candidate herself. [firefly_poll] “Did I know that the internet was gonna respond this way? It is 2022 and I am a black woman. Of course, deep down — not even that deep — I knew that y’all would act this way towards a black queer woman,” Mack said of the attention being given to her stunt, according to the Daily Caller. “Y’all gotta treat black queer women better, please.” Fine. I solemnly promise Sen. Mack that I will treat any black queer woman — or any individual, for that matter — far better when they advocate for “intersex justice” and “trans rights,” provided they aren’t twerking while they’re doing it. Deal? This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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