RFK Advertised Star-Studded Birthday Fundraiser, Except the Celebrities Aren’t Coming

RFK Advertised Star-Studded Birthday Fundraiser, Except the Celebrities Aren’t Coming

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. recently announced a birthday party fundraiser that his campaign said would be attended by several high-profile celebrities.

Given his name and the fact that he is married to TV star Cheryl Hines, nothing about the guest list appeared to throw up any red flags.

That was until days later when numerous celebrities said they had no plans to attend the event.

The Super PAC American Values 2024, which is supporting Kennedy’s White House run, posted about some of the guests for the candidate’s upcoming 70th birthday later this month and shared a report from the U.K.’s Daily Mail about the big party.

Names on the list included superstar opera singer Andrea Bocelli, retired boxer Mike Tyson, actor Martin Sheen and singer Dionne Warwick.

The only problem seems to be that none of the aforementioned names appear to want anything to do with the party or with Kennedy’s candidacy, as CBS News pointed out.


Warwick shared the PAC’s post and commented, “I don’t know anything about this event. I did not agree to it and I certainly won’t be there.

Sheen also clarified that he wanted nothing to do with the party or with Kennedy.

In an Instagram story, Sheen wrote, “I do not endorse RFK Jr nor will I be attending his party.”

The “West Wing” actor added in a separate post, “I wholeheartedly support @joebiden and the Democratic ticket for 2024.”

Actor Bradley Whitford, who also starred in “The West Wing,” posted Sheen’s message at the actor’s request, he said.

As far as Bocelli is concerned, one of his representatives told Rolling Stone the singer will not be in the U.S. this month.

Tyson’s status for the party is not clear.

CBS News reported it reached out to American Values 2024 for comment but did not hear back from the PAC.

Meanwhile, Kennedy’s campaign told the far-left network it had nothing to do with organizing the fundraiser.

Kennedy will turn 70 on Jan. 17.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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