Researcher Thinks He Knows Real Reason Bill Gates Is Buying Up American Farmland

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has been buying up American farmland in the name of saving the planet from climate change, but one researcher thinks he knows the real reason for this spree. In his new book “Controligarchs,” author and investigative journalist Seamus Bruner says that Gates and other ultra-rich leftists are positioning themselves to take control of the means of food production. “The takeover of the food system, like so many other control schemes in this book, began with the Rockefellers and was advanced by Bill Gates,” Bruner writes, according to Fox News. In the 1940s, Bruner explains, the Rockefellers funded a research program called the “Green Revolution” aimed at fighting poverty and starvation. The program did indeed spark a worldwide farming revolution with developments like pesticide-resistant crops. But it also created new problems, including “the consolidation of small-scale and family-owned farms into giant corporate-controlled farms,” Bruner says. That’s where Gates takes his cue, squeezing out small farmers so that only his ilk can control the land. Another scheme is to patent agricultural products that are far more expensive and supposedly more “climate-friendly” than the alternative. Then, when left-wing governments crack down on traditional products, Gates can laugh all the way to the bank. “The Controligarchs claim they can solve the climate crisis with new patented miracle products that happen to make themselves even richer and, once again, at the expense of small-scale independent farmers,” Bruner says. “First, it was patented seeds and patented fertilizers, and now they are patenting meat alternatives,” he told Fox. “Banning cattle would grant effective monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit investors such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock. Fake meats are about controlling the food market, not saving the planet.” [firefly_poll] Bruner’s book notes that Gates has been “quietly buying up large swaths of American farmland” for over a decade. “All told, Gates has spent over [$1 billion] on farm acquisitions and the Agenda 2030-compliant technologies they now employ,” Bruner says. (The UN’s Agenda 2030 aims to “end poverty and hunger everywhere” by 2030 — all while “[combating] inequalities” and “[ensuring] the lasting protection of the planet.”) Bruner also shows how the effects of these land purchases go much, much deeper. “When Gates buys tens of thousands of acres, he is not just buying the land — he is also buying the rights to water below ground,” Bruner writes. “In addition to farms (and the irrigation) and fertilizer, Gates has been hunting for sizable interests in water and water treatment — a crucial component when seeking to control the agricultural industry.” The end goal of all this is to eliminate family farms. It is nothing less than an attempt to seize control of the means of food production to force “solutions” to so-called climate change without waiting for government action — which has been very hard to implement because voters just don’t want any of this. As “Controligarchs” reveals, it also happens to line the pockets of Gates and the globalist elites. Naturally, they will still gorge themselves on wagyu beef at their international gatherings as they plan the destruction of the world’s farmers. And while the rest of us are forced into eating lab-grown meat and bugs, they will be congratulating themselves as the “saviors” of the planet.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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