Republican Claims Victory Over Democrat in New Hampshire’s Largest City

Republican Claims Victory Over Democrat in New Hampshire’s Largest City

The promised 2022 midterm “red wave” may never have properly or fully materialized, but the evidence for its potential remains as strong as ever.

The latest proof of that comes from The Granite State as Republicans have secured a stunning mayoral victory in New Hampshire’s largest city, Manchester, despite the odds being stacked against them.

First-time GOP candidate Jay Ruais secured a shocking (as of Wednesday morning, technically unofficial) victory over Democratic nominee Kevin Cavanaugh, according to the Boston Globe.

Ruais would be the first GOP mayor of New Hampshire’s most populous city since 2017.

According to the outlet, Ruais secured 9,392 votes, which would constitute just over 51 percent of the votes.

Cavanaugh, meanwhile, came up short by nearly 500 votes, with only 8,904 votes, which is 49 percent of the votes.

For political neophyte Ruais, this stunning victory comes over the man who was, effectively, hand-picked by the outgoing Democratic mayor.

Mayor Joyce Craig, the outgoing Democrat who hand-picked her childhood friend to replace her, is reportedly aiming for a gubernatorial run in 2024.

According to multiple local outlets, Ruais campaigned by heavily railing against “the status quo” and all that it entailed.

“This victory belongs to the people of Manchester who said they are no longer willing to accept the status quo,” Ruais said after the first batch of results predicting his win poured in.

He continued in his victory speech, per the Globe, “What I said to these women was that the only limits that you have are the ones that you place on yourself, and that you can do anything that’s possible as long as you maintain your sobriety and recovery.”

Ruais further elaborated: “That is the difference that we can have on people’s lives, and that’s what we’ve been charged with. …. We have an obligation to govern with people’s interests at heart, working together to make the community better. So I will serve in that capacity.”

Republicans obviously took a victory lap on social media following the surprise win, crowing about the GOP win, but Ruais himself took the victory graciously.

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu also congratulated Ruais on his victory, noting that everyone’s ready to get to work.

But while Ruais and Sununu may be taking the high road when it comes to needling his political rivals, New Hampshire may continue to be a thorn in the side of Democrats writ large.

That’s because the state is reportedly still furious with the way that President Joe Biden yanked away its ceremonial status as the beginning of primary season — leading to the very real possibility that Biden may not appear on New Hampshire’s ballot come primary voting season.

If that happens, a GOP candidate securing the mayor’s office for the first time in six years may be the least of Democrats’ concerns in New Hampshire.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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