Rainbow Mouse Logo Spotted at ‘Pride’ Parade Reveals Disney and Kleenex Have Gone All-In on LGBT Agenda

Rainbow Mouse Logo Spotted at ‘Pride’ Parade Reveals Disney and Kleenex Have Gone All-In on LGBT Agenda

Disney seems to constantly believe it needs to be involved with the LGBT crowd, this time partnering up with Kleenex to feature rainbow versions of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on tissue containers.

The new collection was launched in a commercial that featured footage from “pride” parades where both men and women can be seen dressed scantily in public.

The partnership, which is currently being marketed in Thailand, was slammed by prominent X account Libs of TikTok.

“Disney partnered with Kleenex to go all in on LGBTQ propaganda. @Kleenex designed special LGBTQ pride tissue packing with @Disney themed designs,” the post read.

“You can’t even blow your nose without having LGBTQ propaganda shoved in your face.”

And they’re exactly right, you can’t blow your nose without some form of pro-LGBT propaganda being put in front of you.

Whether it’s Target pushing clothes for children with “pride” flags or UNO having “play with pride” cards, the progressive LGBT agenda has seemingly invaded all consumer products.

Why is this the case? Why do these companies need to find every possible avenue they can to force this agenda on consumers — even if it hurts their business as it did with Bud Light?

Because Satan wants evil to be normalized, and this agenda is evil.

There needs to be an idea that pursuing things that are abnormal and immoral is okay. That the traditional family structure that has guided us for millennia is flawed and this new idea is what is normal and good.

But it’s not normal. It’s not normal to wear dresses as a man. It’s not normal to have multiple partners.

However, by pushing all this propaganda forward and filling every facet of life with some portion of LGBT ideals, it can become a little more normal, a little more accepted.

And it’s clearly working. Over fifty percent of Republicans now support gay marriage, something that was only sixteen percent back in 1996, according to Gallup.

So when the very party that is supposedly against those ideas can slowly slip toward the direction of supporting LGBT rights, what’s next?


Perhaps today the ideas of transgenderism and polygamy seem wild, but will they still be tomorrow? If it’s put before the American people enough will they be desensitized to it?

When it comes to why companies would support these ideals, the most likely reason is the same reason they do anything, money.

Perhaps in the short term for the company, they’ll lose money, but if trends continue there may come a day when what is being fought against now is the norm. That’s what they’re hoping for.

And it’s what good Americans who know what’s right and wrong can’t allow.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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