Radical Teacher ‘Fails’ Student on Quiz After He Refuses to Accept Liberal Agenda: Report

Radical Teacher ‘Fails’ Student on Quiz After He Refuses to Accept Liberal Agenda: Report

A Seattle high school teacher has earned a firestorm of criticism after failing a student whose quiz answers did not conform to the radical, progressive, transgender agenda she was pushing in class.

The mother of the Seattle high school student is livid after her son was given a failing grade on an ultra-woke quiz, which demanded that kids agree with the unscientific and false claims that woman can have a penis and men can get pregnant.

The mother contacted talk show host Jason Rantz, who hosts a show on KTTH in Seattle, and told him of the outrageous actions of a supposed “history” teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle.

The woke quiz was reportedly titled “Understanding Gender vs. Sex” and was handed out to the teens in an “Ethnic Studies World History” class. How the radical, modern transgender and gay political agendas could figure in as “ethnic studies” or “history” was not readily apparent.

The description of the course states that students would be “investigating … the global economy, society, and culture,” according to the New York Post. But, again, what contemporary gender and radical gay politics have to do with “history” is anyone’s guess.

Indeed, the whole quiz seemed to be aimed at current LGBT agenda items, not anything historical. Some of the questions were asking kids about “pronouns,” a topic that has only been at issue over the last few years. Others asked about “gender identity,” another current topic that has never figured much into historical events.

Those extremist agenda questions were bad enough, granted. But there were at least two questions with which the “teacher” wanted blatantly false answers to be represented as “true.”

Question 4 was a true or false question, Rantz said in his report. “All men have penises,” the statement read. The infuriated mother told Rantz that her son properly said the statement was true. But the teacher marked the answer as incorrect because the teacher maintains that women can have a penis, too.

Another question is also arguably a false representation of reality geared to push the left’s political agenda.

Question 7 demanded that kids must disagree with the statement, “Only women can get pregnant.”

Now, you and I both know that human biology is clear: Only a female can get pregnant. And in this case, the mother reported that her son marked the question “true.” But that answer was declared incorrect by the radical, left-wing teacher who was charged with pushing the left’s sexual indoctrination.

The mother expressed her “frustration and anger” with the school and added that when she brought her concerns up with the school administration, she was “met with silence.”

“I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,” the mother told Rantz.

This aggrieved mom also told the talk show host that her son, who is white, is routinely attacked by teachers and students merely because he is white. And he has been told not to identify as “straight” because being straight is “offensive.”

For its part, the Seattle Public Schools told Rantz that the quiz was perfectly in keeping with the far-left state’s LGBT curriculum agenda and that they saw nothing wrong with it at all. Sadly, Washington state is no different than so many others on this point.

“Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments that allow exploration of contemporary issues, specifically examining the impacts of power systems such as racism and patriarchy,” a district representative told Rantz. “This commitment extends to fostering welcoming and inclusive settings where students, staff, and families have the freedom to express their authentic selves.”

Despite being browbeaten by teachers and being failed for agreeing with facts about actual human biology, the mom said she is proud of her son “because he refused to answer against his beliefs (which are medically and scientifically accurate, or at least used to be).”

It is criminal that Democrats are teaching outright false claims and misinformation as “facts” to impressionable children just to push their long-term political goals. These “classes” are not meant to educate. They are meant to indoctrinate. If they can inculcate lies into our kids and make our kids believe it, they can massage those lies in any direction they want, at any time. And as they disgorge duly compliant robots into adulthood, those robots will swallow whole anything the left shovels into them, and they will then vote any way they are told to vote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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