‘Queen of Pop’ Hit with Shocking Child Trafficking Accusations, Hosting ‘Experiments’ on Vulnerable Kids – Report

Madonna is being accused of child trafficking stemming from her adoption of four Malawi children and her charity in African country, according to a new report. According to a report in the Nyasa Times, the Ethiopian World Federation wants the government of the African nation of Malawi to investigate Madonna. The report said the federation has fears of “human trafficking and social experiments,” as well as “homosexual and transgender” concerns. The report said the group wants an investigation of Madonna’s Raising Malawi charity and wants the government to “restrict her and her associates accessibility to Africa and to African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking, sex exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, threat of coercion, fraud, deception and abuse of power or vulnerability.” The group based its concerns in part on Madonna’s 1992 book titled “Sex,” and says it fears that her “psychology behind her ability to release child pornography, religious imagery, bestiality and vulgar pornography has prompted her to open an orphanage in Malawi named ‘Raising Malawi’ in 2006 to host social experiments on vulnerable African children in Malawi.” The group alleges that in 2006 when the so-called “queen of pop” founded the charity and adopted her first child from Malawi, she falsely accused the boy’s father of being absent. [firefly_poll] The report said she is accused of using David Banda Ciccone, who is now 17, “for sexual exploitation and social experiments today.” The report said the group cited images on social media of the teen “wearing female clothes, makeup and wearing earrings — whilst the two holding hands like two lovers.” According to the report, the Ethiopian World Federation said, “We firmly believe that Malawi has been robbed of its most precious resource — its children. In 2013, the country accused Madonna of ‘bullying’ state officials and making diva demands — and of citing her Raising Malawi charity as the reason for doing so.” The group alleged  that Madonna “is using these children as a social experiment in response to the heavy LGBTQ community push for sodomy in America.”

“We, the global diaspora, the Black People of the World at the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated are concerned that the integrity of Africa and the cultural traditions should be preserved, not exploited or discredited,” the group said, according to the report.

“In 2013, Malawi accused Madonna of exaggerating her contributions to the impoverished country and unreasonably demanding special treatment during a tour there and Madonna has used social media to discredit the culture and policies that Malawi has in place to protect our children globally,” the group said.

Madonna faced child trafficking allegations in 2009 when she adopted Mercy James Ciccone, who is now 16, according to Evie Magazine. At the time, Judge Esimie Chombo spoke out against celebrity adoptions, the outlet said, saying, “Anyone could come to Malawi and quickly arrange for an adoption that might have grave consequences on the very children that the law seeks to protect.” Madonna was eventually allowed to adopt the child, as well as two Malawi twins who were adopted later. According to the Music Times, the allegations came as Madonna announced an upcoming world tour dubbed the “Celebration Tour,” which is scheduled to hit 40 venues around the world. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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