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He Made Me Me
Songs of Recovery
by Steve Hill

Our Worship and Music Ministry exists to praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through, and spiritual songs of praise. When we come together each Sunday as one body to create our music, our expression of praise shows our love for our Lord and our His Glory family as a group and as individual believers. We recognize that God loves the praises of His people. We come together giving all the glory to Him each week as we worship with our spiritual songs.

We feel the greatest functions in the church for us as musicians with our God five talent is to worship from the heart. We feel as musicians this is what we were created to do. Our worship team feel we were made to worship, and we do it with love…” We are so blessed at His Glory Ministry to have the opportunity to worship in song and express our love to God together with all of You each and every week.

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From Us To You

Thank You to all those who support His Glory.  We appreciate all Your time effort generosity and good will.

We send blessings to all our His Glory Family.

Thank You,
Pastor Dave
His Glory Team

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