Pro-Trans Activists Aggressively Confront Man Holding Baby: ‘You’re Raising a Little Fascist’

A “Let Women Speak” rally in Brighton, England, on Sunday devolved into chaos after pro-transgender activists descended on the event. The rally had been scheduled to hear remarks from Kellie-Jay Keen, who founded the group Standing For Women. Earlier this month, the group Reclaim Pride Brighton had tweeted a call for protests at the event, citing Keen by her alternative name: “It is our duty to fight fascism when it attempts to enter our communities. Fight Posie Parker by any means you see fit. Love, rage and solidarity.” Video shot during the event showed two pro-transgender activists telling a man — in the middle of a long harrangue directed at him — that he was raising a “little fascist.” Multiple fights broke out at the event, according to the Daily Mail. Author J.K. Rowling lashed out at the protesters on Twitter. [firefly_poll] ‘”I see the Be Kind brigade are once more hiding behind their black masks, throwing smoke bombs, screaming ‘scum’ at women speaking up for their sex-based rights,” Rowling tweeted. Smoke bombs were let off in the crowd. Sussex police said three people were arrested, according to The Argus. “A woman and two men were arrested; one on suspicion of assault, one on suspicion of obstructing a police officer and one on suspicion of sexual assault by touching,” a police representative said. In a video promoting the event, Keen said Brighton was “awash with … nasty, pernicious, woman-hating Pride flags everywhere,” according to The Argus. “If we call Brighton the capital of lesbian and gay people in the U.K., they have to be the victims of this absolutely vile gay conversion therapy known as transgenderism,” she said. Keen told the Daily Mail, “It’s a very effective campaign that we are supposed to believe that men that want to call themselves women are the most vulnerable group in society” “When I was a bit younger, I could walk to Tesco with my children, and some man would tell me what they thought of my appearance. We as women sadly have become used to these regular infringements. I think the whole identity politics issue is a poison,” she said. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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