Pro-Palestinian Mob Turns Violent at Democratic Party Headquarters, Multiple Police Officers Injured

Pro-Palestinian Mob Turns Violent at Democratic Party Headquarters, Multiple Police Officers Injured

Calling for peace in Gaza, pro-Palestinian protesters brought violence to the streets of Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

The protest took place outside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

“Right now our officers are working to keep back approximately 150 people who are illegally and violently protesting in the area of Canal Street and Ivy Street, SE. Officers are making arrests. All Members have been evacuated from the area. Please stay away from the area,” Capitol police posted on X.

“Tonight 6 officers were treated for injuries — ranging from minor cuts to being pepper sprayed to being punched. One person has been arrested for assault on an officer. We appreciate our officers who kept these illegal & violent protesters back & protected everyone in the area,” a later post read.

Protesters told Fox News that about 300 people were protesting the war and claimed all was peaceful until the police intervened.

“We were peacefully saying, ‘ceasefire now,’ and the cops violently pushed us to the ground, threw us to the ground,” a protester named Olivia said. “The violence happening around the world is happening in our backyard.”

“We’re demanding a ceasefire now,” Olivia said. “Eleven-thousand people have been murdered. Millions of our taxpayer dollars go to Israel to carry out this genocide.”

At the time of the protest, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Whip Katherine Clark and Caucus Chair Pete Aguilar were in DNC headquarters for a candidate reception, according to NBC.

Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman of California posted on X that he was “just evacuated from the #DNC after pro-terrorist, anti-#Israel protestors grew violent, pepper spraying police officers and attempting to break into the building. Thankful to the police officers who stopped them and for helping me and my colleagues get out safely.”

Eva Borgwardt, a representative of the group IFNotNow that organized the protest, took issue with Sherman’s account, saying he was “spreading dangerous and reckless misinformation about our nonviolent movement,” NBC reported.

The group claims it is a collection of American Jews opposed to Israel’s war in Gaza and “U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system.”

“Calling hundreds of progressive Jews fighting for peace, many of whom have family members in Israel, ‘pro-Hamas’ is beyond the pale, and the Congressman should apologize for his remarks,” Borgwardt said.

Democratic Rep. Sean Casten of Illinois said regardless of the motives, what was happening outside the DNC was not appropriate.

“I was just evacuated from the @dccc office after the building was surrounded by protestors who had blocked all modes of ingress and egress. Grateful to Capitol Police for getting all members and staff out safely. To the protestors: PLEASE don’t do something irresponsible,” he posted on X.

“We were rescued by armed officers who did not know the protestors’ intent; they knew only that Members of Congress were inside, could not leave and that protestors would not let police through. Forcing police to guess intent is irresponsible and dangerous,” he posted.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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