Prince Harry and Meghan Receive Major Snub from Royal Family for Christmas

Prince Harry and Meghan Receive Major Snub from Royal Family for Christmas

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have once again been snubbed by the royal family.

The couple, who gave up their royal duties in 2020 to start a new life in Los Angeles, were not mentioned at all in a behind-the-scenes BBC documentary entitled “The Coronation Year,” which followed the royal household in the run-up to King Charles III’s coronation in May this year.

King Charles also did not mention the couple during his Christmas address to the nation, instead opting to use the Nativity as a call for people to help protect the environment.

“During my lifetime I have been so pleased to see a growing awareness of how we must protect the Earth and our natural world as the one home which we all share,” the king said during his speech, according to The Washington Post.

“I find great inspiration now from the way so many people recognize this — as does the Christmas story, which tells us that angels brought the message of hope first to shepherds.”

“These were people who lived simply amongst others of God’s creatures. Those close to nature were privileged that night.”

Speaking to TalkTV, former Royal Editor of The Sun Charlie Rae described it as a “Sussex-free Christmas.”

“It was quite pleasant not to hear anything at all from Harry and Meghan,” Rae said.

“They had no pronouncements. They had nothing to say, which was great.”

“They are a very close family despite all the problems they have had with the Sussexes and Prince Andrew,” he added.

Since giving up their royal duties in 2020, the couple have thrown themselves into a variety of projects including a Spotify podcast, a Netflix show and an autobiography.

These activities have repeatedly involved the couple making a series of revelations and attacking the royal family over how they were treated before, during and after their time as working royals.

Among their complaints have included claims that Meghan’s mental health struggles were ignored, the lack of financial provision to move to Los Angeles, the family’s relationship with the British media and alleged comments made by family members about the race of their child.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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