Prince Harry Appears to Insult His Father, The King, Behind Him During Queen’s Funeral

Prince Harry is being attacked on social media amid allegations he did not sing “God Save the King” at the end of Monday’s funeral for Queen Elizabeth II. Entered into evidence against the prince is a brief clip posted to Twitter that shows the prince not moving his lips during the singing of the song. The song was sung in the final moments of the funeral. King Charles did not sing, but the video showed him appearing to be emotional as Westminster Abbey echoed with the traditional song. In the clip, it appeared that Prince Andrew, Charles’s brother, as well as Princess Anne, his sister were singing. According to the New York Post, other clips of the song showed other royals, including Prince William singing. Because a candle was in the way, the clip did not show whether Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, was singing or not. Debate on social media was spirited. One user wrote, “Prince Harry didn’t sing the National Anthem to his father Total, utter, disrespect for his father, the nation, the Crown and the monarch that pays him. Strip him of all of his royal titles and funding. How much will NETFLIX want him then.” The Post said that was it called an “insider close to Harry” said the prince sang the song about his father. A report in the Express also claimed the prince sang. A report in the Daily Mirror noted that while the prince appeared emotional, many believed he did not sing.

The British tabloid the Metro brought in body language expert Judi James to assess the moment and the prince’s actions.


 ‘The change of words from ‘God Save the Queen’ to the King can prompt strong emotions, as the reality of the Queen’s death and the changes ahead sink in. This moment also seemed to be a struggle for Harry, who was standing behind his father at the service as the line was sung during the anthem,” she said.

“Harry had been losing the struggle with his emotions during the entire service, dabbing at tears and often throwing what looked like intense stares across at his brother with an expression of sadness of his face,” she said.

‘This look of sadness seemed to intensify during the singing though. His mouth almost stopped moving as he came to it and there was no real shaping of the lips around the word ‘King’ as though he might still be in denial,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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