Priest Who Gets 3,500 Yearly Exorcism Requests Reveals Tell-Tale Signs of Demonic Possession

A Catholic priest who works as his archdiocese’s designated exorcist is coming forward to describe what he calls the tell-tale signs of demonic possession. Father Vincent Lampert of the Archdiocese of Indiana recounted his experiences carrying out exorcisms in a Friday interview with Fox News. The priest described some experiences that could be said to resemble scenes from movies such as “The Exorcist.” Lampert said he has witnessed supernatural phenomena such as “levitation of the body” as well as seeing those afflicted “slither like a snake across the floor.” Some tell-tale signs of possession include speaking with “a very deep and authoritative voice,” the priest said, as well as changes in complexion and the coloration of one’s eyes. One woman, a rape victim, is said to have spoken in the form of a demon during one of his exorcisms. Her “eyeballs turned green and the pupils became slanted like a serpent” during the ritual, with a voice challenging the name of Jesus when Lampert invoked him. The priest said his services are in wide demand, with individuals the world over seeking help in overcoming what they suspect to be demoniacal possession. “I currently receive about 3,500 requests a year from people all over the world who are seeking help from the church,” he told Fox News.
In a long-form interview last month with the “Discover More” podcast, Lampert said exorcists should be skeptical of all claims of demoniacal possession — clarifying that symptoms of mental illness could be confused for genuine affliction with demons. The priest described a rigorous qualification process to identify real demonic possession, in which various ailments are considered as potential causes.
Lampert has served in the capacity of exorcist since 2005, having received training in the practice in Rome, according to Fox News. The concept of exorcism — or driving out unclean spirits — is as old as Christianity itself, with Christians throughout the world’s churches continuing to practice it to this day. Christ himself is described as driving out demonic spirits from the afflicted several times in the Gospels. Lampert emphasized that an exorcism isn’t sufficient to deter the devil’s legions alone. “The best way to keep the demonic out is for a person to live out a committed relationship with God,” he said. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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