Price of Hot Dog Combo at MLB Stadium Soars to ‘Outrageous’ Level

Price of Hot Dog Combo at MLB Stadium Soars to ‘Outrageous’ Level

A visit to the ballgame could lead to a choice between going hungry and going broke.

A recent video posted to X shows that at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, where the Blue Jays play, a footlong hot dog combo, with a “souvenir” draft beer goes for $30.78, while a chicken tenders combo with a “souvenir” draft is $30.28.

A premium draft beer is $14.59 while a “souvenir” premium beer is $17.59.

This comes at a stadium where anyone wanting a seat for next Sunday’s game with the Los Angeles Dodgers needs to have at least $50 ready. (An “Outfield District” ticket only runs $20, but it doesn’t come with a seat.)

The post caught the attention of the sports website Outkick, which labeled the prices “outrageous.’

“Just insane,” Outkick writer Zach Dean wrote.

“Now, I know what you’re gonna say – ballpark prices are outrageous everywhere. And you’re right. No argument from me on that one. It’s all a scam,” he wrote.

“Absurd. $30 for a ballpark hot dog is stupid,” he wrote, adding that “$30 for any hot dog is stupid. I don’t care if it comes straight from Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen – I ain’t paying $30 for it.

“As far as I’m concerned, if you’re buying a plant-based bowl at a ballpark, you deserve to pay a billion dollars, so I won’t complain about that one,” he wrote.

Dean said it is even worse to pay too much north of the border.

“But at least I’m getting scammed in the greatest country on this planet. I can stomach that. I won’t, however, stomach getting scammed in Canada,” he wrote.

So is it such a case of sticker shock in U.S. currency?

According to the Bank of Canada, a Canadian dollar is worth about 72 cents compared to an American dollar, which would make the hot dog combo just over $22 while a “souvenir” beer would be $12.67.

Given that last year, a USA Today analysis found the most expensive regular hot dog sold for $8.25 at Baltimore’s Camden Yards, Toronto’s hot dog price seems a bit ahead of the curve, hot-dog wise.

However, the newspaper found that in Los Angeles, a 16-ounce beer would cost $15.99, making Toronto look not quite so bad.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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