Piers Morgan Brings Vegan Activist on His Show, Then Surprise He Had Waiting Enters

Piers Morgan is the answer to the question, “What would happen if a radioactive British man bit a news anchor?” That doesn’t mean his stunts don’t occasionally provide some good chuckles — particularly if the butt of the joke is a delusional and narcissistic vegan. In a recent episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Morgan brought on vegan activist Nathan McGovern and celebrity chef Aldo Zilli to discuss an animal rights protest at a London steakhouse, which saw a group of holier-than-thou vegans forcibly removed from its premises. The group behind the protest, Animal Rebellion, posted a video of a protester being hauled out by waitresses: McGovern, a member of Animal Rebellion, was brought on to Morgan’s show to spar about anti-meat activism when Morgan pulled a hilarious stunt. “I don’t like vegans very much,” Morgan said. “I don’t think any of you are very healthy. I think you all look pretty pasty-faced and unhealthy to me.” McGovern interjected that he’s not surprised by Morgan’s disdain for vegans. Of course, Morgan did admit that they have every right to live their lives in the manner they deem best. “That’s your choice,” Morgan said. “What I don’t do is I don’t go running into vegan restaurants and start screaming abuse at you all and have to be pulled out by people because you’re ruining everyone’s fun. Why do you do that to meat-eaters?” “The thing is, within years, technology like precision fermentation — you know, alt-protein — is gonna produce the exact same products that you love right now, using a fraction of the land, producing a fraction of the carbon footprint,” McGovern claimed. Morgan replied with an almost deadpan, “But I like eating meat.” “It’s the exact same product, Piers,” McGovern said in retort. The two traded more barbs before Morgan remembered he had a second guest in this interview, and asked Zilli how he felt about “these activists running in ruining people’s meals.” Zilli largely deflected, mentioning how he had no problem with vegans and vegetarians, before offering his response to hostility from vegans. “I don’t understand when it gets out of hand, that these people have to disrupt our business,” Zilli said. “Because they have no respect for meat-eaters,” Morgan responded. “But if we would do the same thing to them, they’d all go nuts. Wouldn’t you? You’d all go nuts if I came running into your little vegan hellholes and began screaming abuse.” After some more banter between Morgan and McGovern, Zilli dropped the million-dollar question: “But why do you have to go into a restaurant and disrupt our business, disrupt the customers, other people that want to eat meat, other people that want to enjoy themselves, that want to go and have a night out?” Zilli asked. “I don’t have any problem with you guys coming to our restaurants and ordering a vegan dish.” That million-dollar question was met with a two-cent answer: “[High-end restaurants] are symbols of a broken system where, you know, there’s 1,500 quid getting charged for a steak,” McGovern said. Ultimately, the conversation steered back to Morgan just ripping apart the activist. “What’s the point of it all? What does it achieve? None of you make me want to change my mind,” Morgan said. “I just think, ‘What annoying little squids.'” “It’s the same when you’re chucking paint at van Gogh paintings, it’s the same when you’re tying yourself to fuel pumps. … It’s all the same. It’s just all too annoying. So the British public don’t like annoying people, and they don’t like their lives being disrupted. They want their freedom to have a choice.” It was at this point in the interview that one of Morgan’s staffers brought in a steak, which Morgan began cutting into and eating in front of McGovern’s face. Look, at the end of the day, Morgan’s stunt was probably a smidge mean-spirited, but it doesn’t detract from his greater point. Why do these protesters insist on forcing their views on people who simply want to enjoy a nice dinner? If McGovern merely practiced his diet privately, Morgan’s stunt should be criticized. But McGovern is not a quiet vegan; he’s a loon with a divisive agenda and has no problem throwing it in people’s faces. Given that, Morgan’s stunt was perfectly acceptable and, again, pretty funny. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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