Photos: New York Times Building Vandalized by Anti-Israel Protesters

Photos: New York Times Building Vandalized by Anti-Israel Protesters

Calling for the elimination of Israel, a mob of 2,000 pro-Palestinian marchers rampaged through Manhattan Friday night.

The mob, which burned an Israeli flag at Columbus Circle, caused Grand Central Station to shut down and pelted The New York Times building with fake blood, according to the New York Post.

The protest followed another at the Times on Thursday in which protesters said the newspaper’s editorial stance on the Israel-Hamas war made it guilty of “complicity in laundering genocide,” according to Fox News.

“Zionist media. That’s the Zionist media,” one Hamas supporter called out amid the mayhem.

On the right, the Times is usually a target of criticism because it’s perceived as being too favorable to the Palestinian cause — and a source of Hamas propaganda.

The protesters Friday night were clear about their outlook.

“We don’t want a Jewish state. We want ’48!” protesters chanted Friday night, calling for the region to be as it was before 1948 when Israel was created.

New Jersey resident Gregory Jachts, 56, told the Post he found it “offensive that they’re here chanting for the elimination of Israel.”


“They were chanting ‘from the river to the sea,’ and that calls for the elimination of Israel and the genocide of the Jews,” he said.

The second half of the chant is “Palestine must be free.”

Anna Ahmed, 40, of Manhattan, explained her logic for marching against Israel.

“Since ’48 Israel came and occupied Palestine. Since that day and today they’re killing kids and children. Every day they’re bombing hospitals, kids and schools, and houses,” she told the Post.

Even two Starbucks locations were the target of the mob mentality.

“You make drinks for genocide! You make drinks for genocide!” some protesters said.

The march came the same day a New York Post editorial declared that “the ‘pro-Palestine’ protests breaking out across the country are simply Jew-hatred and nothing else.”

“We’ve seen countless examples of people tearing down posters of Hamas’ kidnap victims: The sole reason for that is to obscure Hamas’ savagery, not to help the people of Gaza. We’ve seen angry mobs cheering the murder of innocent Jews, with Ivy League academics some of the main cheerleaders. And now we’ve seen a death,” the editorial stated, citing the death of Paul Kessler, 69, who died after being struck by a pro-Palestinan demonstrator in California last week.

Last week, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said anti-Semitic incidents have risen by 388 percent in the United States since Hamas slaughtered more than 1,400 Israelis on Oct 7, leading Israel to respond by first bombing Gaza and then sending in troops.

“We’ve seen a wave of this all over the country,” Greenblatt said, according to Politico.

“Anti-Semitism has been intensifying and increasing,” he said. “We’ve seen it normalized, and from the far-right and from the hard left.”


“I say this as the grandson of a Holocaust survivor whose barbershop was vandalized and destroyed by the Nazis in Germany. So, I can’t even believe this is happening in our country today,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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