PETA Gets Eaten Alive for Thanksgiving Post Glorifying Turkeys – Fact Check Gives the Truth About These Brutal Birds

PETA Gets Eaten Alive for Thanksgiving Post Glorifying Turkeys – Fact Check Gives the Truth About These Brutal Birds

The far-left animal rights group PETA received arguably one of the most brutal community notes labels yet on Thursday since X (formerly Twitter) began crowd-sourcing fact checks to normal people rather than biased, far-left reporters.

In true PETA fashion, the group portrayed those participating in eating turkey on Thanksgiving as killers and reprobates.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, in a bizarre attempt to humanize these delicious birds, asked its followers to empathize with turkeys by sharing an image of a family of them eating a human being.

The turkeys pictured were holding hands in prayer while the cooked carcass of a person sat ready to eat on a dinner table.

In addition to the image appearing as if it could have worked as an obscure punk rock band’s album cover, it left out a simple truth: Animals have a taste for meat.

“We’re lucky turkeys would never do this to us—you don’t have to do it to them, either,” PETA claimed.

A community note attached to the post reads:

“Turkeys are not vegetarians. Turkeys eat mice, lizards, frogs, and just about anything they can fit in their mouth. If turkeys were larger or had the technological means to farm and eat humans, their current diet reveals they likely would.”

If the community fact-check on PETA wasn’t funny enough, the group was savaged by people whose brains are intact:

PETA’s shock act is tired, and it is painfully obvious the group has no credibility with normal people – most of whom probably would consider themselves advocates for animals.

It is, of course, possible to both care for animals and also to enjoy eating the tasty ones. A turkey generally is served only once it has been humanely killed, slathered with butter from cow’s milk, seasoned and then cooked to the appropriate temperature.

That’s why God blessed us with animals such as turkeys.

You only need to watch National Geographic for a few hours to fully understand that nature is violent — animals eat other animals, and man sits atop the food chain.

Thursday was another day when millions of Americans broke bread, consumed copious amounts of poultry and ideally remembered that there always is something to be thankful for.

It also was another day in which PETA reminded the world that its members can be out of touch with reality.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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