Perverted: Kids Choir Performed for Male Strippers at School Board President’s House Party – Report

A California school district board president has resigned after irate parents told the board that the high school choir had been summoned to perform at a wild drunken party at the president’s home. Steven Llanusa resigned as president of the school board of the Claremont Unified School District in Los Angeles County on Saturday, one day after a fiery meeting about the incident, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Dec. 3 party at Llanusa’s home was not a fit place for students, according to several parents who spoke at Friday’s meeting, CBS News reported. KCBS-TV reported that images from the event showed partially clad men. KNBC-TV referred to them as strippers. “I’m heartbroken for my son and his beloved choir group. I’m devastated as a parent,” a parent said at the meeting.
“Mr. Llanusa invited the high school choir group into his private adult party in his home,” parent Sabrina Ho said at the meeting. “They were encouraged to partake in food and festivities,” she said. “The students didn’t begin their scheduled performance until over an hour later and were offered alcohol by party guests among inappropriately dressed adult entertainers.” Ho said Llanusa offered students extra cash to clean up when the bash was done. “My 16-year-old son stayed in Mr. Llanusa’s home at his invitation for almost four hours. My son did not ask if he should or could leave, because the CUSD School Board member in charge asked him to stay,” she said, according to the Claremont Courier. “It is a gross misuse of power from an educational leader.” Parent Gabriel Lozano said students “were offered an open bar and to socialize with the half-naked men, the dirty Santa that offered and made disgusting comments to our children.” Many parents said they felt that their trust had been betrayed. “I’m truly disgusted with Mr. Llanusa’s behavior,” Lozano said, according to the Claremont Courier. “The school board and CUSD … the implied trust that we have in all of you is no different than we have with police, doctor physicians, when they’re with them, as our children were with Mr. Llanusa on December third.” Parent Nicole Ouellette, who said she voted for Llanusa in November’s school board election, said she now has “zero confidence in his decision-making, and in his ability to represent our district as a member of the school board.” Ouellette said Llanusa should resign “to allow us to elect an individual with integrity who takes seriously the oath to serve the students and educators of CUSD, and to always keep the best interests of our students their top priority.” During the meeting, board members distanced themselves from Llanusa, with Vice President Kathy Archer noting none were at the event. Claremont resident Deborah Kekone said the parties are nothing new, but Llanusa still had to go. “He always has … adult performers there dressed like that as eye candy at the party,” Kelone said. “They post pictures every single year of the party. “The party wasn’t any different than any other party he’s ever had, it’s just that he decided this time to bring kids and expose them to all kinds of things that their parents were not aware of.” She added, “I think it’s in the best interest of everyone involved in our community that Steven resigns from the school board. I feel it will allow people to heal. It will allow people to move on. It will allow people to know that he’s taking some responsibility for what happened at the party, and it will allow everyone to move forward. “If he doesn’t resign, it doesn’t show that he has the district’s or the community’s best interests at heart.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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