Pennsylvania Voter Ditching Biden in 2024, Can’t Afford Four More Years

Pennsylvania Voter Ditching Biden in 2024, Can’t Afford Four More Years

President Joe Biden’s policies have wreaked havoc on Americans’ bank accounts for almost three years, and a man who voted for the Democrat in 2020 says his family no longer can afford to keep up.

As a result, the self-described Gen Z voter told Fox News on Wednesday he is considering walking away from his party, at least for now.

While the White House and its sycophants like to paint a rosy economic picture, the reality is that even people who voted for the inept, apparently corrupt president are being clobbered by high prices.

That includes Pennsylvania Democrat Jahmiel Jackson, who told “Fox & Friends” that the prices of basic necessities have gone up during Biden’s term to such a degree that they are straining his family.

“Fox & Friends” cited a poll released this week by The New York Times/Siena College that showed Biden losing to the leading GOP contender, former President Donald Trump, in five out of six battleground states.

The poll also found Biden is in trouble with minority voters.

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt welcomed three voters onto the show – one Democrat, one Republican and one independent — to discuss the survey results.

Bernadette Wright, the independent voter, said she does not believe Trump is surging in the polls because people who have not supported him previously are suddenly deciding to back him.

Wright opined that Biden is such a poor leader that people are looking to get out from underneath him.

Jackson, a Democrat who will be voting again in Pennsylvania next fall, was also candid about “Bidenomics” and how the failed policies of the White House have had his mother struggling to keep the family’s refrigerator stocked.

Jackson told the network before his interview that in 2020 he had hair dyed blue and marched for Black Lives Matter. He also voted for Biden and supported him strongly.

The economy has changed that.

“It changed for me because I realized, even in 2020, my family and I, we didn’t vote for Trump,” he said. “We didn’t have to talk about politics. My mother, she was able to buy two refrigerators. She kept them full.

“But then a couple of years into Biden’s presidency, my mother realized, she said, ‘You know, I’m having trouble even keeping one of those refrigerators full.'”

Jackson said his mother is also struggling to afford gasoline and his family now frequently discusses politics, whereas policy discussions did not occur until recently.

“So, even through those little conversations, politics slowly entered my family. … We have something that’s changing during the Biden presidency, and it’s creeping into my family, and it’s creating an atmosphere of stress,” he said.

“I think it’s only for so long that we can just say, ‘Back the party, just be Democrats and vote for whoever they tell us to,’ when our wallets, when our streets, when our family condition is speaking even louder to ourselves,” the young man concluded.

Jackson’s family is struggling — like a lot of Americans are right now — to keep up.

It sounds as though he and the rest of his family are ready to vote with their best interests in mind. As much as the left hated Trump, broadly speaking, he created an economy that everyone benefited from — including far-left activists and voters.

Even the most ardent critics of the former president have to eat.

While people who color their hair blue and march in the name of Marxist groups such as Black Lives Matter might not share much in common with the average Trump supporter, if this economy manages to wake enough people up, then perhaps the sacrifices of the past three years will not have been for nothing.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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