Pay Attention to the Illicit Business That’s Booming Around Davos

They may be called the “new world order” by some, but they’re apparently still very fond of the world’s oldest profession. According to multiple reports in European media, sex traffic around the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, Switzerland, is booming, with demand for prostitutes reportedly being very high. As German outlet Bild noted, 2,700 of the world’s luminaries met in Davos for the WEF Annual Meeting 2023 this week. The theme was “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” Cooperation, of course, involves an arrangement between multiple individuals in which they work together to achieve desired ends. At least in one transactional way, this definitely happened in Davos. One director of an escort service said individuals “book escorts in the hotel suite for themselves and their employees” at the economic summit, according to a computer translation of Bild’s coverage. The newspaper spoke to an escort named “Liana” about her experiences at Davos. “Wearing a long coat, she does not stand out among the business suits and tailored suits in the city. That’s important to her: ‘There are strict controls, you can’t get into some hotels,'” they reported. “The prostitute has an appointment with a regular customer, an American, for the evening. ‘Whenever he is in Switzerland, he calls.’ “That happens several times a year. She charges the equivalent of 700 euros … and anyone who wants to spend the night with her pays 2,300 euros. Plus travel expenses.” And apparently, this isn’t uncommon for major meetings of the ultra-powerful, either. “The demand for prostitutes is high at every economic summit — this is also what the manager of an escort service from Aargau, 170 kilometers away, says,” Bild reported. “She has received eleven reservations and 25 inquiries so far, she told the Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes. She assumes that there will be significantly more over the course of the week. ‘Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite,'” the newspaper reported. “Liana” said she’s catered to both Americans and Germans, although she prefers the Americans: “Unfortunately, Germans are stingy when it comes to tips,” she said. Salomé Balthus, a 36-year-old German prostitute and “public intellectual” (these two things can apparently co-exist in Europe these days, which should invite a not-unsubtle reminder to our Continental friends about what came after the decadence of the Weimar years), told 20 Minutes she’s currently “near” Davos in a hotel. “I wasn’t meant to come here. Actually, I was at the Zurich Philosophy Festival before and it happened to pull me up,” she said. Interestingly enough, Balthus did provide a bit of insight into who makes use of her services — or rather, who doesn’t. The big-name politicians, she said, aren’t interested. “They have neither the time nor the desire, there is a lack of reflection on body awarenes,” Balthus said. “You have to choose between a ‘drug’: sex or political power. The latter is stronger, it doesn’t leave room for other interests and eats up people completely.” OK, so I’m not ready to call her a “public intellectual” yet, but there’s more than a soupçon of insight about the Davos crowd to be had from Balthus’ remarks. First, thank ye heavens, this means we’ll probably never have to worry about President Eric Swalwell. (The possibility was remote anyhow, but it’s still enough to keep one up some nights.) Second, while there are apparently scads of prostitutes to be had around Davos, the top politicians don’t make use of them — not out of conviction or even circumspection — but because, for them, the desire to control human behavior has crowded out one very basic human desire. In a normally ordered life, of course, this desire would be channeled through courtship, marriage and the procreative act. In our disordered, postmodern, post-moral fallen state, it’s channeled through hookup culture, Tinder, one-night stands, pornography and — if one is a certain type of Davos degenerate — expensive prostitutes. These Davos attendees, however, are apparently the small fry. The big fish? They’re the ones who have managed to satisfy one of the most basic human drives by the act of controlling how the rest of us exist. To most people, exercising this kind of technocratic power would seem like a dreary, oppressive task to undertake. To hear Salomé Balthus tell it, however, the global political elite don’t just view this kind of power as better than sex. For them, it’s replaced the coital act. However, at least for the high-end prostitutes hanging around Davos, these über-politicos still surround themselves with enough prominent sleazeballs who still allow for regular ol’ lust to exist alongside the lust for power. The fact that business is booming for escorts should tell you everything you need to know about the WEF crowd, particularly as they attempt to moralize to the rest of us plebes regarding how we ought to go about our lives. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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