Parental Warning: Wokeism Spotted in Plain Sight During ‘Transformers’ Show for Children

The latest installment of woke children’s entertainment is here, and this time, they are not holding anything back. Over the last few years, we have seen leftist talking points such as Black Lives Matter or LGBT issues steadily creep into children’s books, movies, and TV shows. At first, it was really subtle, but now they are not hiding it anymore. Earlier this year, Paramount+ released the second part of “Transformers: Earthspark” season one, the latest installment in the popular “Transformers” franchise. It has not taken very long for wokeism to make its way into the show. In a recent episode, one of the transformers spoke to a girl on the roof of a building and let her know that his pronouns are “they/them.” The girl, named Sam, then responded and said her pronouns are “she/they.” Sam and the transformer then sit on the roof gazing at the city, and Sam said she feels safe when she is around other “non-binary” people. The transformer inquires what she means by “non-binary”. and Sam replied that it means someone who is neither male nor female. The transformer responded by saying, “I always knew my pronouns felt right, but what a wonderful word for a wonderful experience.” The Libs of TikTok Twitter account, which posted the video, put it plainly by saying, “They’re after your kids.” That was not the only woke moment in the new “Transformers.” In another scene, a little girl corrected Optimus Prime by telling him that Nightshade, another transformer, uses the pronouns “they/them.” In response to these disturbing scenes, a Twitter user asked, “Is this something you would want your children to watch?” This makes one thing very clear: if you are a parent, you need to monitor what content your children are consuming very closely, as film and TV producers now feel confident enough to outright indoctrinate children. No child, or adult for that matter, should be wondering if they are the wrong gender. It is simple biology, you are either male or female and your gender corresponds to the sex you were born with. Children are very impressionable and their minds are very malleable. These types of discussions about gender only serve to confuse them and give them a distorted view of the world. They already have a lot to think about when it comes to figuring out how they fit into the world, it does not help to make them question their very biological identity. Parents have a duty to protect their children from harmful content like this that only serves to confuse them. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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