Outrage: Women’s Soccer Team with 5 Trans Players Goes Undefeated, Showing Massive ‘Difference in Ability’

Outrage: Women’s Soccer Team with 5 Trans Players Goes Undefeated, Showing Massive ‘Difference in Ability’

The transgender insanity continues to harm female-only spaces, somehow turning a women’s soccer tournament into a “mixed competition.”

An amateur Australian soccer team completely misunderstood what it means to be female, including a whopping five transgender players on their team, which allowed them to absolutely dominate the tournament they were in, as the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported.

The Flying Bats Football Club, based out of Sydney, managed to win the tournament undefeated, claiming the $1,000 prize.

To nobody’s surprise, having five men on the team was a massive aid in their win, as one of them scored an insane six goals in a single game, resulting in a 10-0 score and a decisive victory.

While the team was riding high, other participants in the tournament and their parents were far less enthusiastic.

“Our girls are here to play for fun and expect to play in the female competition. They did not sign up for a mixed competition,” one senior club official stated.

“Some of the parents were so concerned, they would not let their daughters play,” they continued. “It was so disheartening for them to see the huge difference in ability.”

Others expressed safety concerns.

“It’s not just a question of fair sportsmanship. It’s also a question of physical safety for female players born female,” John Ruddick, a member of the country’s parliament, said.

Of course, Flying Bats Football Club President Jen Peden defended having five men on her team.

She claimed that “trans women belong in the women’s competition because that is the gender with which they identify.”

“As a club, the Flying Bats FC stand strongly for inclusion, and pride ourselves on safe, respectful and fair play, the promotion of a supportive community for LGBTQIA+ players, officials and supporters, and the significant physical, social and mental health benefits that participation in sport brings, especially to marginalized members of the LGBTQIA+ community,” she said self-righteously.

The league that the team participated in also defended the Flying Bats Club, with a spokesman for the Football NSW saying the organization takes “pride in being at the forefront of developing inclusive policies for the sport in Australia and operates within the existing legal framework, including antidiscrimination legislation.”

It’s quite shameful that these teams and leagues are more than happy to ruin female competitions if it means appeasing the LGBT agenda.

Wherever a transgender athlete goes, they seem to undermine any possibility of a fair competition.

Be it in cycling, weightlifting or any other sport, there is an innate advantage that biological men can levy against women in a competition.

It simply isn’t fair to punish legitimate competitors, forcing them to compete against people who have had to put in less work to achieve the same success.

It has taken decades of progress for women to create their own spaces and get where they are today. It’s immensely ironic that the supposedly pro-woman side of politics has allowed all that to be completely undone in a shockingly short period, simply to appease the newest liberal fad.

It’s most disappointing whenever youth organizations are punished for adults’ inability to face reality.

The young women in this competition deserved better, but the powers that be failed them.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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