Op-Ed: What Israel and America Should Do

What should Israel do? And what should America do? First, Israel. Most of the advice it is getting is ignorant noise. Some are calling for Israel to use restraint. Rights groups that are trying to pin war crimes on Israel are glaringly silent about the babies who were beheaded in front of their parents. Israel’s right course of action becomes crystal clear when you realize two things: What the goal of Hamas is. What Israel must do to prevent this horror from ever happening again. Anything besides these two points is irrelevant. If you do not wish to know the answer to these two things, you would have to be overcome by ignorance, hate or blatant dishonesty.

1. What does Hamas want?

Hamas espouses a doctrine of genocidal anti-Semitism that seeks to eradicate Israel and all Jews. The Hamas Covenant, the organization’s founding document, claims that there will be a day of judgment in which all Jews will be killed. Religious leaders within Hamas have repeatedly called on Muslims worldwide to “totally exterminate” the Jewish people. The only reason for the existence of Hamas is to destroy Israel. Iran agrees with this doctrine. And, shockingly, so do elected officials in the United States. Think of that! I am talking about Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. All three of them support Hamas. When you say you support Hamas, you are also saying you support the annihilation of Israel. So much of the world community is behaving like stoned hippies. They chant, “Why can’t we all get along?” Here’s why we can’t just coexist: Israel believes it has a right to exist, but Hamas believes Israel has no right to exist. Got it? The world community should wake up to the fact that Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas. And the only hope for peace is for Palestinians to renounce the idea of Jewish genocide. So, what should Israel do about Hamas? There is no room for negotiation or mediation. There is only room for an unwavering resolve for the nation of Israel. It must remove the power of Hamas to destroy every Jew on the planet. Any other course of action is suicidal denial.

2. What should Israel do to prevent this horror from ever happening again?

At the entrance to the Holocaust Museum in Israel, you see these two words prominently displayed: “NEVER AGAIN.” Those are the watchwords now. As long as Hamas has the weapons and the power to use them, Israel will face these kinds of atrocities again. The bottom line is this: Israel must utterly wipe out Hamas’ ability to function. That means the eradication of its infrastructure and network of tunnels. Israel must ignore the world community and finish the job. Second of all: What should America do in this crisis? [firefly_poll] Here is where I am going to lose some of you. America should support Israel and provide it with whatever it needs to finish Hamas. America ended the parent group, ISIS, and now we must help Israel to end Hamas, the terror group that ISIS spawned. What we should not be doing is rattling swords and spoiling for a fight with other nations. The fingers that run the Biden hand puppet want war. They want world war. They make money when there are wars. We live in a world that is so dark that globalist villains manipulate it for money. They give it to Iran so it can buy weapons to attack Israel. Then they will turn around and get America to buy weapons to attack Iran. They make bank either way. Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham need to stop calling for war. We do not need to declare war on Iran and Russia. Haley said this was an attack on America, and we must finish Iran. Graham also said that we need to bomb Iran. They are both calling for war. But perhaps the worst offender is Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who is literally calling for World War III. On Oct. 8, he said, “This will not be a fleeting conflict in the Israeli-Palestinian saga. This looks like it will be the war to end all wars. It’s different this time, and it needs to be clear to Hamas and the Iranian Ayatollah – and all their other proxies – that this was a severe miscalculation. They need to be defeated.” His statement “war to end all wars” is particularly heinous. That is what they foolishly called World War I, and that didn’t even stop World War II. What happened to Israel is an atrocity. But there have been many other atrocities that have gone unnoticed. For example, Armenian Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands, as are Christians around the world, but that does not make the news. And we are not declaring war on every nation that mass slaughters Christians. I am not downplaying the horrors of Hamas on Israelis. I am saying we must be disciplined, wise and ready to win the wars… should they come. America has already been manipulated by the war in Ukraine. We have sent billions without having any idea where that money is going or what it is being used for. This is precisely what made Donald Trump such an effective world leader. He put America first and kept us out of wars. America must get its own house in order. War with Iran may be inevitable. But to do it prematurely would be disastrous. Sun Tzu said, “The warriors of old first placed themselves beyond the possibility of defeat and then waited for an opportunity to attack.” We need to close our southern border. We have thousands of Hamas-style terrorists pouring into our country, and probably forming sleeper cells. We need to get “wokeness” out of our military, because we are not ready for our enemies. We are also crippled by domestic crises. Fentanyl is killing our citizens by the hundreds of thousands. Democrats are doing a better job of reducing our cities to rubble than any foreign enemy. Israel must have our help. What has happened to them is purely and simply evil. It is wrong and must be punished. We must support them until they destroy Hamas. But we must finish this job without starting World War III. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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