Op-Ed: Hollywood Told Us to Tone Down the Christianity in Our Movie. Here’s What We Did Instead

It’s so easy to lose faith in things. A wrong decision, a personal loss or conditions surrounding you can all leave you asking, “Why should I continue down this path?” Well, there’s more to this than you might think. We’re talking about a new Fox News report by Pete Hegseth that notes that Christianity could soon become a minority religion in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans who identify as Christians dropped from 90 percent back in the 1990s down to 78 percent in 2007. Nowadays, it’s down to 64 percent. “Our nation’s faith is diminishing at an alarming rate,” Hegseth said. “The question is why.” Many factors contribute to people questioning their faith in God. Part of that is the conditions of the world. We’re just starting to emerge from one of the worst pandemics we’ve seen in modern times. Not to mention what’s happening with inflation, with many unable to maintain a steady life for themselves and their loved ones. And then there are the social media sites where even the slightest things come under scrutiny — and yes, that includes religion. “Previous generations passed along all of the wants of the world and not enough of the needs,” Hegseth continued. “They took for granted the main ingredient that underwrites all of those worldly advancements — and that’s faith. Faith in something greater than ourselves.” “Nothing else matters, or even makes sense, without a sincere reckoning with our creator. It’s the single most important thing I can teach my kids — and you, yours.” Hegseth noted how some people have taken Christianity for granted, how it was so easily brushed aside. And we think that’s something many people are seeing right now. They’re questioning why they should continue believing in something with so many negative things happening in the world. Well, we’re here to assure you that you should. Having faith in your creator is, quite simply, the most important thing you could have. That’s because, with this belief, you can know that you truly are making a difference, even if it doesn’t feel like you are. If you wake up and have questions in your mind, you are still making a difference. That’s where the story of “Running the Bases” comes into play. For the longest time, we wanted to get this movie made, but you’d be surprised how much opposition we ran into with Hollywood over its Christian themes. But we carried on. We continued without a big Hollywood partner and made the movie the way we wanted. We did it on our terms and with the tone and approach that we were seeking. As a result, we created a film that doesn’t lean on its Christianity like a crutch but instead celebrates it. The main characters in the film may have their faith questioned, but they never abandon it. As a result, they push forward towards their success, even against the odds. That’s a lesson many can learn right now as they ponder their own Christianity, even in the face of so many scrutinizing its place in the world. So please don’t give up. If you believe in something, believe in something. You can certainly ask questions, but never lose sight of what you came to believe in the first place. Never lose sight of what it means to you and your family. Stay true to yourself and to what you believe in. It worked for us. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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