Op-Ed: If Elon Musk Truly Wants to Make the Internet Great Again, There’s 1 Company He Should Buy

Elon Musk is a hoot! Seeing him walk into Twitter headquarters carrying a sink to “let that sink in” was a riot. Not like the over 500 highly destructive riots conducted by far-left liberals in the summer of 2020, for Musk’s riot was funny. Musk was known as a liberal, but not like the liberals today who burn down cities and hurt people who have a different opinion. He was the type of liberal who would sit down and talk to a conservative and have an intelligent conversation, perhaps even find middle ground or concede that someone else just might be right. Today, though, Musk is at least a moderate, if not a conservative, not because he has changed, but because the left has gotten so radical that it has made normal liberals look more like conservatives. Recently, God opened the door for me to publish my first Op-Eds. I had a retired lieutenant colonel and excellent author mentor me, a wonderful wife who edited for me, and an excellent article editor who helped to finish the job. I really feel blessed. One of my articles stated, “While I do believe the 2020 election was stolen, my concern is free and fair elections.” My article editor told me I could not say that because of concerns that Google would demonetize them. Wait a minute. I cannot even say “I believe the 2020 election was stolen”? So Google is going to tell me what I can think or express in an Op-Ed. Is this Orwellian or what? What is an “opinion editorial,” unless it is an opinion? The publisher even has a disclaimer at the end of the article that says “the views expressed in this opinion article are those of their author.” How crazy things have gotten when you cannot express yourself in an Op-Ed. Maybe we need to change the name from “Op-Ed” to “Controlled Editorial (Ctrl-Ed).” Or how about “Suppressed Editorial (Sup-Ed),” or “Gagged Editorial (Gag-Ed)”? Or how about let’s cut to the chase and call it a “Google Editorial (Goo-Ed),” showing that Google got all over that one. Then it hit me. I have an idea for Elon Musk’s next purchase. How about Google? He could call it “Elongle” or “Muskle”! Wait a minute! I got it! Call it “Gelongle”! He could carry his sink into Google, too, as he escorts out the executives while helping another 75 percent of the woke employees find another job outside of communist censorship. I hear the IRS is hiring. Maybe they could learn to add instead of censor? Adding is good, and adding is objective. It might even teach them some objective truth, for there is only one answer to two plus two (counter to Orwellian Newspeak). With math, you either get it right or you get it wrong. No opinion involved. It is also very difficult to censor. What part of “two plus two equals four” could you censor and still have a correct mathematical statement? I think this type of exercise could be really good for these woke censors lost in the smog of subjective falsehoods. Then it hit me again! More billionaires need to get involved! How about the name “Trumpbook” or “TrumpTube”? I think those are just great names. We could even start a new movement and call it “MIGA” — “Make the Internet Great Again”! I wonder what color the MIGA hats will be. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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