Op-Ed: Could 40 Million Non-Voting Christians Save America by Doing Their Civic Duty?

Billy Graham defined the problem: “Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote.” Sadly, about 40 million Christians don’t take the threat of the systemic Marxism infecting our society through today’s Democratic Party seriously enough to even vote (see this also). And 15 million of them are not even registered! Non-voting Christians were a huge percentage of the 77 million eligible non-voters in 2020. Imagine if just half had voted. It’s a scandal! How can so many committed to Christian morality be so thoughtless about a responsibility with such grave moral consequences? Compare the party platforms on abortion-homicide, marriage, religious freedom, limited government, and preserving America’s Christian heritage, especially in light of the Democratic Party’s embrace of Marxism’s dogmatic atheism. Who should better comprehend the urgency of this threat than liberty- and Jesus-loving Christians who understand that Democratic Party policies (not necessarily individual Democrats) are devoid of Christian values because they are anti-family, anti-Christian culture, increasingly anti-American, anti-God and anti-civilization? Jesus is involved? If the Democratic Party’s Marxist policies, practices and promises don’t shock non-voting Christians, perhaps they will comprehend the temporal and eternal consequences of supporting such malevolence in the context of Jesus Christ’s pledge to both bless those who publicly acknowledge him and condemn those who deny him: “Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father” (Matthew 10:32-33). Democratic Party delegates, who booed God at their 2012 convention (explained here, see it here), will surely deny Jesus before others if their candidates control the government. Since Democratic leadership and policy have been infected with the inherent atheism of Marxism/communism, such people will deny that the Founders dedicated our nation to Jesus when officially, perpetually and gratefully acknowledging him before others by referencing him four times in the Declaration of Independence before a “candid world.” That public acknowledgment obligated Jesus to acknowledge our nation before his Father, thus explaining America’s massive and ongoing blessings. Using the biblical title every Christian should know, the reference to the “Supreme Judge of the world” in the concluding paragraph of the Declaration is an undisguised prayer to Jesus inserted by the document’s author, the Christians in Congress “appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude [righteousness] of our intentions.” That prayer to Jesus clarifies Thomas Jefferson’s less specific references to “Nature’s God” and “Creator” and Congress’ prayer for “the protection of divine Providence” with an explicit identification that Jesus Christ is the God to whom the nation perpetually prays for righteousness and protection. See Is Jesus in the Declaration of Independence? While the phrase “one nation under God” wasn’t added to the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954, it’s an unmistakable reference to the historical fact of the Declaration’s Christ-based chain of delegated authority (God 🡪 man 🡪 servants in limited government) and that chain’s manifestation in the symbiotically linked Constitution as the unamendable “liberty equation” inherent in the American form of government — that our rights are a gift from God. Yes, the Constitution that doesn’t mention God is based on the Declaration’s Christ-acknowledging prayer, the reason it protects our God-endowed rights as America’s liberty equation! While the American liberty equation has a 246-year history of not being the theocracy the secular (godless) left melodramatically fears, this information could cause a revival that will motivate the Christian vote. Consider these questions:
  • Is failing to vote a denial of America’s acknowledgment of Jesus before others in the Declaration and tacit support for the Democratic Party’s naked attempt to fundamentally transform the United States of America?
  • Will Jesus deny America before his Father if Democrats nationalize their denial of Jesus?
This work is derived from my eBook, which answers all of its subtitle’s questions in the affirmative: “American’s Primal Prayer: Is Jesus Christ the God of the Declaration; Did the Founders Dedicate the Nation to Him; Is the Constitution Woven from Christian Fabric; and Why It Matters.” The eBook explains that we are “one nation under [and blessed by] God” because America officially and perpetually acknowledges Jesus before others in many ways, but specifically:
  1. As “Nature’s God” (Declaration’s first sentence), the moral authority for independence;
  2. As every person’s “Creator” (second sentence), the beneficent source of our unalienable rights and individual political sovereignty;
  3. When offering an undisguised prayer to Jesus Christ for guidance — yes, the Constitution (outlawing socialist tyranny, which is inherently atheistic) is one answer to that prayer — and
  4. When praying for “the protection of divine Providence” (last sentence), meaning “In God We Trust.”
This defines the American theory of government, which desperately needs the prayerful and political support of non-voting and Democrat-voting Christians. Voting would be an important way for them (and you?) to acknowledge Jesus before others. Doing so would revitalize the Founders’ official and perpetual acknowledgment of Jesus Christ while also claiming his promise for themselves by opposing the Democratic Party’s attack on the God-acknowledging American theory of government and liberty equation. Those who know any of the 40 million Christians who don’t vote, and especially the many millions of Christians who vote Democrat, must motivate their friends to do their civic and Christian duty to vote and save our nation from the godless, America- and civilization-hating Marxism systemically infecting today’s Democratic Party. Leftism is “The World’s Most Dynamic Religion.” This knowledge will be decisive in the 2022 and 2024 elections if you, dear reader, pass this on to your pastor, fellow parishioners, family and friends, as well as to as many media personalities as possible. Join this movement to educate your Christian friends by sending your ideas for influencing non-voting and Democrat-voting friends to [email protected] This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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