‘One Million Moms’ Group, Fed Up with Target’s Mockery of Christmas, Issues a Demand

‘One Million Moms’ Group, Fed Up with Target’s Mockery of Christmas, Issues a Demand

Once again, it seems like Target is more interested in pushing its agenda than serving its investors.

In August, the retail giant reported its first decline in quarterly sales in six years after the company decided to promote rainbow-themed baby clothes, “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for transgender individuals and other LGBT-themed items in its swimwear section.

The outlet had also previously been slammed for partnering with an outspoken satanist, Erik Carnell, whose brand regularly features satanic images, according to Fox News.

The backlash over the swimsuits was decisive, leading to Target being forced to remove some of the most controversial products, according to The New York Post.

However, the company still continued with most of its “pride month” promotions.

At the time, Target admitted that their woke policies had affected their bottom line.

Christina Hennington, Target’s chief growth officer, said the company would use the signal sent to them by the public to “pause, adapt and learn so that our future approach to these moments balances celebration, inclusivity and broad-based appeal,” according to NPR.

Well, apparently, they haven’t paused and they haven’t learned.

Less than four months later, Target is at it again.

Conservative advocacy group One Million Moms has initiated a petition against retail giant Target over some of the Christmas items the store has decided to carry.

The offensive items include a 10-inch “pride Santa” from Kurt Adler’s Fabriché collection and a “pride nutcracker” figurine from Wondershop, both featuring rainbow colors and other LGBT symbols.

One Million Moms said in its petition that “Target has made a deliberate decision to display controversial products instead of wholesome ones at Christmas — a Christian holiday.”

“Let Target know that as a conservative parent and consumer, you are disgusted by their recent merchandising choices. The corporation’s leaders have failed to get the message that when you go woke, you go broke,” the petition says.

The petition urges Target to “immediately stop choosing progressive merchandise and cancel this pro-LGBTQ selection of offensive Christmas products” and warns them that “continuing to push LGBTQ products and other offensive merchandise in the future” will force families to “make the decision to no longer purchase any items from Target unless they remain neutral in the culture war.”

More than 15,500 people had signed the petition as of Wednesday morning.

On his show “Primetime,” Fox News host Jesse Watters called it the “the Dylanization of corporate America.” referring to the implosion of Bud Light sales after they partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

“Companies are committing financial suicide — one after the other,” Watters said.

Other social media users also expressed their disgust and intention never to shop at Target again.

One user wrote, “I quit target 10yrs ago when they wanted to let men in the girls restroom/dressing room. I used to peruse the aisles daily. I’m saving quite a bit of money!”

Another social media user wrote Target had misunderstood their moral values and compass and said that “many of my friends and family refuse to shop [at] Target.”

Target’s dogged insistence on sticking to its woke agenda despite its declining profits shows a huge disconnect between the elites running the company and the middle-class Americans who are its largest customer base.

Unless they pivot quickly, they have chosen the rainbow-colored hill they want to die on, and their shareholders should climb off it while they still have a chance.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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