NYC Mayor Adams Under Federal Investigation After Top Fundraiser’s House Raided by FBI

The FBI is investigating whether New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign conspired with the government of Turkey in order to receive illegal donations prior to his successful 2021 mayoral bid, according to a report. The New York Times reported Thursday that a campaign consultant for Adams had been raided by the bureau. The consultant was identified by the paper as Adams’ chief fundraiser Brianna Suggs, who helped him haul in millions of dollars before his election. FBI agents descended on Suggs’ Brooklyn home Thursday but she was not arrested. When asked about the raid, an FBI official stated, “We are at that location carrying out law enforcement action” but did not elaborate further. The Times reported Suggs was served with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury in Manhattan. Federal prosecutors in New York did not comment on the raid or the subpoena. That subpoena also mentioned a New York City construction company that the Times reported investigators believe is tied to Turkey, where Adams has strong ties. The newspaper reported: “According to the search warrant, investigators were also focused on whether the mayor’s campaign kicked back benefits to the construction company’s officials and employees, and to Turkish officials. “The agents seized three iPhones and two laptop computers, along with papers and other evidence, including something agents identified as ‘manila folder labeled Eric Adams,’ seven ‘contribution card binders’ and other materials, according to the document.” Adams was reportedly on his way to Washington, D.C. for a series of meetings when Suggs’ home was raided. He turned around and headed back to New York, per the report, in order to “deal with the matter.” Fabien Levy, the deputy mayor for communications, told the Times in a statement that Adams did not take the investigation lightly. “The mayor heard of an issue related to the campaign and takes these issues seriously, so wanted to get back to New York as quickly as possible,” Fabien said. Levy added, “[Adams] plans to return to D.C. and reschedule these meetings as soon as he can.” As for the scope of the investigation, the Times reported the FBI believes money from Turkey was directed to Adams’ campaign by the construction company and others. “The warrant suggested that some of the foreign campaign contributions were made as part of a straw donor scheme, where donations are made in the names of people who did not actually give money,” the Times reported. The report added, “Investigators sought evidence to support potential charges that included the theft of federal funds and conspiracy to steal federal funds, wire fraud and wire fraud conspiracy, as well as campaign contributions by foreign nationals and conspiracy to make such contributions.” Adams reportedly bragged about his relationships in Turkey as recently as last week.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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