Nurse Battles to Save License in ‘Witch Trial’ After Accusations of ‘Transphobia’ for Affirming Biology

Nurse Battles to Save License in ‘Witch Trial’ After Accusations of ‘Transphobia’ for Affirming Biology

A Canadian nurse is facing discipline for saying that men who style themselves as women are, in fact, men.

Amy Hamm of New Westminster, British Columbia, is facing a sanction from the B.C. College of Nurses and Midwives that could cost her her license for publicly speaking her mind.

“Between approximately July 2018 and March 2021, you made discriminatory and derogatory statements regarding transgender people, while identifying yourself as a nurse or nurse educator. These statements were made across various online platforms, including but not limited to, podcasts, videos, published writings and social media,” last year’s notice from the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives summoning her read.

Among her alleged transgressions was helping to put up a sign in Vancouver reading, “I (heart) J.K. Rowling,” according to the National Post. Rowling is a fierce critic of the transgender movement.

Hearings on her case, which have been grouped into four sessions over multiple months, continued through early this month.

On a social media post, Hamm called the hearing her “witch trial.”

“Should a nurse be allowed to keep her job after saying that trans women are men? This is the Galileo affair of nursing,” she posted.

In testimony in the most recent set of hearings, she called the concept of gender identity “anti-scientific, metaphysical nonsense,” according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Her accusers claim that because she identified herself as a nurse, her comments could impact people seeking care. She says that is not the case.

“Whether or not I agree with certain policies, I limit my advocacy for changing policies to outside of work,” she said.

“I’m not transphobic. I don’t have any issue with trans people — it’s the infringement on women and children’s rights,” she said, saying that what she called a “fringe” movement of activists “is infringing on the rights of women and pushing institutions to adopt what are false and delusional beliefs.”

However, she noted that hate has been directed at her.

After receiving multiple death and rape threats, she is on leave from her Vancouver-areas hospital due to stress.

Hamm said anonymous complaints are at the heart of the allegations against her, according to the Post Millennial.

“So the persons who complained to the BCCNM about my off-duty conduct, one of whom is still anonymous, and the other who I had never met or worked with in my life, they also sent their complaints to my employer and I have since found out that other anonymous complainants have made similar complaints to my employer about about the advocacy that I do for women and children on my off duty time,” she said.

“I’ve always kept my private life and my political views and private views very separate from my work life,” she added.

“I never talk politics at work. And I actually found it distressing that, in this process, I lost the ability to do that,” Hamm said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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